Who else thinks NFL games overseas is bovine feces?

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  1. MrFuneeGuy

    MrFuneeGuy Rookie

    My name is Bruce M. I am a New England Patriots season ticket holder. And I am mad.

    In the recent weeks leading up this Sunday's Fish vs. G-Men matchup across the pond, I have become more and more incensed at the NFL and that fine-happy commish, Roger Goodell. Not because he reached into Tom's wallet for not having his chin-strap strapped (which WAS ridiculous) but because, in my opinion, he is trying to take OUR game away from us.

    Is anyone else as angry as I am about the prospect of giving up home games so that the NFL and it's owners can line their pockets with even more money in the form of the almighty euro? I truly hope so. Is anyone as upset as I am that your 14 year streak of not missing a home game will be jeopardized because you can't afford to jet off to Tokyo or Berlin or wherever it is that your team will be playing that week? I do truly hope so. Is anyone else willing to tell the NFL that? Again, I truly hope so.

    For me, it is a slap in the face and an insult to the devotion I have for my team. What if MLB wanted to take the World Series to Berlin? And it's not a bad example because there has already been talk of the NFL playing a Super Bowl overseas. Why can't the NFL be happy with the bazillion dollars they make here in the States? Roger, the Europeans have their football! I want MY football and I want MY football in MY country!

    My plan has three parts. The first is to begin a letter writing campaign, which I have already begun. This morning I wrote a polite, respectful letter to Bob Kraft. In case you live in a cave or something, he is the owner of the New England Patriots. In the letter I stated my opposition to this ridiculous plan. I told him I was insulted and angry about it. I told him that the idea is, at it's core, disrespectful to the fans who made the NFL what it is today. I urged him to use the vast influence he weilds in the NFL to prevent any more home games from being taken away from the fans. After mailing it, I emailed that same letter to every football fan I know and asked them to write their own letter.

    Part two: I would also like to find an attorney who would be willing to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of NFL fans IN THE UNITED STATES to stop the NFL from going any further with this idea. Now, whether such a lawsuit would have any legs, I don't know. But maybe just filing a 500 million dollar lawsuit against the NFL would make them realize that there is opposition out there and that, maybe, they should pay attention to it.

    Part three: I would like to start a website devoted to this issue. If anyone would like to jump on board to help with that it would be great. Unfortunately, I'm not an attorney or a webmaster so I need help.

    I welcome responses, opposing views and healthy discussion. If anyone would like to see the letter I wrote to Mr. Kraft, I'll be more than happy to supply it to you. You may use it as a base for your own letter, should you choose to write one.

    Here's to fighting the good fight! How far it will go, I don't know, but I again ask this question; is anyone else as mad as me?
  2. p8ryts

    p8ryts Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I'm not mad, just incredulous, it's asinine.
  3. Va_Pats_Fan

    Va_Pats_Fan Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    #95 Jersey

    Why don't you give up your season tickets in protest? If no one went to the games, then the NFL would realize how upset you were.

    AH, I know, cause there are about 60K ppl that want to see the games bad enough, they will take your place. That, unfortunately, is the bottom line. Its a business. It wants to grow its profits. As much as it can be frustrating to fans, I don't see this changing anytime soon.
  4. QuiGon

    QuiGon Banned

    Yes I am mad about it, and I have stated emphatically that the day they announce a Super Bowl played overseas is my last day as a fan of this league.

    But, having said that, ya don't really have a legal leg to stand on. At worst, the only aggrieved party is Dolphins STHers because they have to buy 2 exhibition game tickets for only 7 regular season ones (instead of 8)... but even that is pretty weak...

    EDIT: BTW, you do realize there's a lot of talk about the Pats losing a home game to go to Edmonton next year, right..?
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  5. QuiGon

    QuiGon Banned

    That certainly isn't happening here but I do wonder if in Miami, where season tickets are easily obtained, and the team ain't exactly lighting the world on fire, there was a downturn in STHers this year... Probably not, but maybe...
  6. 363839

    363839 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    I'm very happy with Roger Goodall. It's about time the NFL got some one
    to stop all these shenanigans going around.
    I am so happy he leveled disiplinary actions agains Tom Brady for his
    chin strap transgression(SOB). I mean, hey, what about the integrity of the game man. If RG lets Brady get away with this, then what's next? They'll be more players running on the field with two chin straps unbuttoned. Before you know it, all the fans will be protesting the entire league and staying away from games in droves.
    Thank God for RG.:bricks:
  7. MrFuneeGuy

    MrFuneeGuy Rookie

    What are you talking about? I didn't know they allowed crack-heads on this site. I may have to rethink my membership.
  8. 363839

    363839 PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    If you were we referring to my post then I guess you missed the sarcasm.
    The falling bricks were a hint.:D :bricks:
  9. nowayback

    nowayback Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    just as soccer hasnt caught on here....football will never catch on overseas. soccer is the sport there....the end. i bought real patriots jerseys in greece for 20$ each....brady bruschi. original price 90 euros..at the time 110$
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