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Discussion in 'Visiting Locker Room' started by RS, Nov 26, 2008.

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    Yeah, I know my Raiders stink... again... :( but I still can't wait for our game in our house in couple of weeks. We know you guys need every win you can get. Don't take us lightly.... just ask the Donkos. LMAO @ those stiffs. Also loved the way you guys pummelled them the other week.

    I've been reading some talk on the main board about how the Patriots should trade Brady. Take my unbiased opinion for what it's worth, but the right thing to do would be to go to camp with both QBs.

    If you try to trade Brady in the offseason then you would be selling LOW on him. Someone said you could fill a lot of needs on that defense when you trade Brady. That might be true if he was healthy, but in reality he's a guy that blew out his knee, had complications from the surgery, and may never be the same again. If you're expecting a big haul for a guy like that then you're gonna be disappointed. GM's aren't stupid. Well most of them anyway. Why would they want to give you a lot for a guy in that condition, even if his name is Tom Brady? Brady has to prove that he's healed first before his value goes up. That's why you need to keep both. Brady is the best QB in football, he is your starter, and if something is wrong with him, then Cassel is a nice insurance policy.

    If you want to trade Brady or Cassel anyway, then you can do it during the season in 2009 when Brady has had the chance to prove that he's healthy.

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    Only the kneejerk reactional morons want to trade Brady. We smart Pats fans realize that Matt Cassel is no Tom Brady and cannot wait for #12 to come back. I'm also not worried about the complications for the surgery. The injury was not to his planting leg and nowadays the ACL surgeries are so advanced that most players usually come back just as strong, if not stronger. Just ask Ronnie Brown. I can't wait for our game either. You guys are still looking for the tuck rule payback that you never got in 2005 so it should be interesting to those that have followed both teams for a while. First things first though: we crush the Steelers.
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