Well, we are still in first place...

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  1. ..At least in a three way tie for it....Jets and Bills lost today and all three of us are 1-1. Miami is holding up the rear at 0-2.

    I am really trying to find something positive for my mind to work on. This loss, today, and the way it happened, is one of the most painful losses that I have endured in a very long time.

    This one will take a longer time to wear off.
  2. Danny

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    Buffalo and Miami both won today. Everyone in the AFC East is 1-1.
  3. You are correct. My bad. I dont know why I had it in my head that the Dolphins and Bills lost.

    Today's Pats game really has messed my mind.
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  4. Danny

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    Because they usually do. :lol2:
  5. Sean Pa Patriot

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    does it really matter???? u lose to inferior oppenet at home... you dont deserve squat... although i never cry about the refs.. the refs cost the pats the game today....
  6. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    Nope. Miami & Bills won today. But we are all 1-1.

    Jets are still in first. 1-0 in AFCE games.
    We are in second. 1-0 in AFC.
    Miami third. 1-1 in AFC.
    Bills are in fourth 0-1 in AFCE.
  7. PatsBoy12

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    That's weird because the TVs and computers in my area tell me that both Buffalo and Miami won today.
  8. You need to check those computers. Just kidding. I am just so stressed, and pissed about todays game that I cant read too well.
  9. ALP

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    here's something positive....

    while playing an above average, and up and coming NFL team the patriots lost by 2, this is regardless of
    1. an early injury to TE Aaron,
    2. wes playing at much less than 100%,
    3. an awefully off day for Brady 4.
    4. refs that were favorable to ARZ
    5. a TD being brought back at the end of the game
    6. a 2pt conversion that was impeded by defensive holding on Gronk
    7. a horrendus day by the O-line
    8. an early INT by Brady
    9. a punt being blocked in our own endzone

    all that, and yet still, when it was 5 seconds till the fat lady sung, it took a 40 something yd FG to be missed by Ghost in order for us to lose

    THAT, my sir, is a VERY POSITIVE picture...even if the FG was missed
  10. So, how come I still feel like $ hit? :bricks:
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  11. TruthSeeker

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    I didn't see the game, but I like what I'm reading and hearing about Chandler Jones. 2 forced fumbles in his first two games, 10 tackles in 2 games, on pace for 80 tackles, which is pretty high for a D-lineman. I can't wait to see him next Sunday night, my first chance to see him live in a regular season game.
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