Uncle Heatster final 2013 2 round mock draft

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by dryheat44, Apr 25, 2013.

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    Well, in the end, I think the QBs go higher, and there's some missing names like Hankins and Elam, who is the one player I've heard Caserio refer to by name over the past couple of weeks. Still, here it is:

    1 Kansas City - Luke Joekel OT Texas A&M - I don't really understand why some mockers are giving them Fisher. Yes, Fisher has upside. Give me the guy who dominated week in, week out in the SEC.

    2 Jacksonville - Sharrif Floyd DT Florida - With just about every team having acquired at least a passable QB, I don't foresee anybody rushing to trade into this spot.

    3 PROJECTED TRADE - Oakland trades this pick plus their third rounder to Arizona for #7 and #38. The Raiders were without a second round pick, and need talent everywhere. The Cardinals had one of the most offensive, if not the most offensive, offensive line in the history of offenses. They move up to select Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan.

    4 Philadelphia - Dee Milliner CB Alabama - Despite spending a lot of resources in the past, corner play has been a problem for the Eagles the last couple of years.

    5 Detroit - Dion Jordan DE Oregon - Having spent a #1 on a left tackle last year, the Lions need playmakers on Defense. If Milliner is gone, Jordan looks like the next best thing.

    6 PROJECTED TRADE Cleveland trades this pick to the Dolphins for #12 and #54. The Browns used their second rounder in last year's supplemental draft, so they recoup one. The Dolphins, having watched Jake Long leave because the didn't want to pay him, have no desire to pay Brandon Albert just as much, so they trade up to draft Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma instead.

    7 Oakland (from Arizona) - Ezekial Ansah DE BYU - I think Raleigh McKenzie's a smart guy, and they could trade down again if somebody wants to move up here. Oakland needs some upgrades to the defense though, so let's give them Ansah, with Lotutelei also a good possibility.

    8 Buffalo - Alec Ogletree LB Georgia - Nassib seems to be the consensus here, but is he really worth the #8 pick with Kolb on the roster? Mingo is another option, but I'm going to go with the WTF pick and give them Ogletree, who fits perfectly into their defense.

    9 NY Jets - Barkevious Mingo DE LSU - Mingo is my pick for the bust of the first round. I don't think he's very good, and if his name were more common, he probably wouldn't be so highly regarded. Barkevious Jones would be a third rounder.

    10 Tennessee - Star Lotulelei DT Utah - It seems he and his doctors are comfortable with his heart, and Tennessee gets a star on D.

    11 San Diego - Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee - I think Philip Rivers is done. However, the new regime in San Diego seems committed to getting better around him and see if that doesn't resurrect him. They've done a good -- no, a great job improving the offensive line in the offseason, now they need to improve the skill positions. Malcom Floyd is a good player, but not anybody's idea of a #1 wide out. Robert Meachem seems to be a bad fit, if not exposed as a bad player. Patterson gives them what they need.

    12 Cleveland (from Miami) - Bjoern Werner DE Florida St

    13 NY Jets - Xavier Rhodes CB Florida St

    14 Carolina - DJ Fluker OT Alabama

    15 New Orleans - Jarvis Jones LB Georgia - Seems like a Rob Ryan man.

    16 St. Louis - Tavon Austin WR West Virginia - Could do what Danny Amendola used to do for them. On the off-chance that management feels that the group of Austin Pettis, Chris Givens, and Brian Quick can be improved upon.

    17 Pittsburgh - Kenny Vaccaro S Texas - I think this is Troy Polamalu's farewell tour, if he can stay healthy for it.

    18 Dallas - Chance Warmack G Alabama

    19 NY Giants - Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame

    20 Chicago - Sylvester Williams DT UNC

    21 PROJECTED TRADE Cincinnati trades this pick to Atlanta for #30 and a third rounder. The Falcons move up for Desmond Trufant CB Washington

    22 St. Louis - Jonathan Cooper G UNC

    23 Minnesota - Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri

    24 Indianapolis - Margus Hunt DE Houston - A slight reach, but the Colts need 3-4 bodies to get better defensively.

    25 PROJECTED TRADE Minnesota trades this pick to Buffalo for #41 and a 2014 2nd and 4th. The Bills draft Ryan Nassib QB Syracuse. As a Pats fan, I'd like to make this move at 29, but there's no reason Buffalo should wait that long other than my wishful thinking.

    26 Green Bay - DJ Hayden CB Houston

    27 Houston - Keenan Allen WR California - Maybe I can now stop feeling sorry for Andre Johnson.

    28 Denver - Tank Carradine DE Florida St - Cornellius should be able to give them some of what they lost when Elvis left the building.

    29 New England - I can't believe I'm not trading this pick, but I just don't think anybody wants it. My choice is between Robert Woods and Jamar Taylor. We all know BB doesn't draft WRs in the first round, which will be true right until the time he does. Robert Woods WR USC

    30 Cincinnati (from Atlanta) - Arthur Brown LB Kansas St

    31 San Francisco - David Amerson CB North Carolina St - Don't think that Jim Harbaugh hasn't noticed what Seattle is doing up North.

    32 Baltimore - Kevin Minter LB LSU. I'm sorry, but if anybody is expecting Manti Te'o to replace Ray Lewis, it's not happening. Ever.

    2nd Round

    33 Jacksonville - Geno Smith QB West Virginia

    34 San Francico - Kawann Short DT Purdue

    35 Philadelphia - EJ Manuel QB Florida St

    36 Detroit - Jamar Taylor CB Boise St

    37 Cincinnati - Giovanni Bernard RB UNC

    38 Oakland (from Arizona) - Matt Barkley QB USC

    39 NY Jets - Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas

    40 Tennessee Manelik Watson OT Florida St

    41 Minnesota (from Buffalo) Justin Hunter WR Tennessee

    42 Miami - Eddie Lacy RB Alabama

    43 Tampa Bay - Datone Jones DE UCLA

    44 Carolina - Eric Reid S LSU

    45 San Diego - Justin Pugh OL Syracuse

    46 St. Louis - DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson - St. Louis can stand a WR double-dip, especially as Hopkins could be the BPA right now.

    47 Dallas - Johnathan Banks CB Mississippi St

    48 Pittsburgh - Corey Lemonier LB Auburn - He seems to be one of those off-the-shelf Pittsburgh linebackers that Dick Lebeau finds semi-annually.

    49 NY Giants - Manti Te'o LB Notre Dame

    50 Chicago - Markus Wheaton WR Oregon St

    51 Washington - Jesse Williams DL Alabama

    52 Minnesota - Jordan Poyer CB Oregon St

    53 Cincinnati - Alex Okafor DE Texas

    54 Miami (from Indianapolis) - Jonathan Cyprien S Florida International

    55 Green Bay - Damontre Moore LB Texas A&M

    56 Seattle - Brian Winters G Kent St

    57 Houston - Landry Jones QB Oklahoma

    58 Denver - Patrick Hepburn, First Earl of Bothwell - Sure he's been dead for over 400 years, but I keep hearing how good Denver is, they might as well use the pick on the 2nd greatest Hepburn. Think of the merchandise sales.

    59 PROJECTED TRADE (shocker) - New England trades this pick to the Ravens for #62 and a late pick. The Ravens leapfrog the Falcons, as both have lost their starting centers this offseason. The pick is Barrett Jones C Alabama.

    60 Atlanta - Travis Frederick C Wisconsin

    61 San Francisco - Vance McDonald TE Rice - Nicely replaces Delanie Walker on the roster.

    62 New England (from Baltimore) - Logan Ryan CB Rutgers - This just smells like a Belichick pick. McFadden could be also, but when in doubt, take the Rutgers guy. Other considerations are John Jenkins and Jonathan Hankins, who has sunk like a stone. Honey Badger has not had a good offseason, and to me is now undraftable.
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    I don't think I can remember a draft that had this much uncertainty. We both just posted mocks and I think we only have 3 picks the same in the 1st round, but either mock could easily happen. Nobody has any clue what is going to happen which is what makes this year so exciting.

    On your picks, I would be okay with Woods in the 1st. I would prefer a trade down but I think he is one of, if not the best fit at WR in this draft. He should be a good player from day 1 and add much needed talent and versatility on offense. I completely agree about Logan Ryan being a BB type pick. When I watched the tape I didn't love him, but I did like him because he did everything well. He is almost like a poor mans Devin McCourty (who he is pretty close too). That wouldn't be a sexy pick, which is exactly why I can see it happening.
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    Good job on the mock. Very plausible and very blah given the lack of ammunition the Pats have coming into the draft. I hate that we have a hole at WR. I'll never get over losing Welker, but I would have felt a whole lot better if we had gotten Sanders. Given the poor record of developing rookie WRs, even if we draft a consensus stud, there is little chance he will contribute significantly this year - so I hate the thought of passing on a stud DE or CB in the early rounds to roll the dice on a WR.
  4. manxman2601

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    Like the Woods pick a lot and can certainly see the Ryan pick. Good job.
  5. Brady'sButtBoy

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    well thought out, appreciate the mock, thanks. My first response is that Austin will not slide into the mid-teens. In fact, i have a nickel that says unless someone trades up for him the Jets take Austin at no. 9.
  6. KontradictioN

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    So Miles Austin is entering the draft again? ;)
  7. dryheat44

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    I've come close to doing that about a dozen times. I guess it finally happened.
  8. A.C Vegas

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    that 2nd round denver pick is fantastic
  9. Ochmed Jones

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    Excellent mock. I love the Barrett Jones selection.

    I wish we could get our hands on Sharriff Floyd, I think he could develop into an all-pro type player if he gets in the right system.
  10. ATippett56

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    I don't see Werner as a good fit in the 3-4 defensive alignment.
  11. Ochmed Jones

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    I agree, too short and lightl to be a DE and not athletic enough for the elephant OLB position.
  12. dryheat44

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    I think he'd be fine, but I effed up Cleveland anyway. I forgot to change #54 to them, which I would have had them trade up from for a QB.
  13. goheels22002

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    0 for 3 so far.
  14. dryheat44

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    0 for 32 is a distinct possibility. Looks like I have to hang my hat on the Trufant, and to a lesser extent, Austin picks.

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