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    First, I had no idea until this season that Wilfork kissed Bob and Myra Kraft on the cheek every game, until I heard the story that he doubled up on Bob kisses this season. Maybe there's many players who do this but I've never heard of it before. It's extraordinary.

    People complain that the Pats don't play with emotion, but we know at least one guy that says volumes without making himself the focus for the camera every time he meets with some on-field success -- yet clearly plays with emotion, and from the looks of it, does it every game. Why MHK died, especially in the post-season, it was obvious that his game had stepped way up from a year ago.

    Next thing - I've heard "this team really hates its coach" or some version of "really loves its coach," but I have never heard of a team feeling that way about an owner -- and its not as if he's buddy-buddy Bob who never allows an unpopular personnel move. He can make the tough biz decisions (or let BB make them,) yet inspire loyalty. Bob is running a special show up there.
    The fact that he'd be proud to have anybody on the team "at [his] dinner table" speaks volumes, if you ask me. Not that multimillionaire 20-somethings are by and large going to take him up on it too often -- more that he sees his people as people as well as contracts, and that they feel it.

    Last thing -- a couple seasons ago there was this constant complaint that the Pats didn't have the "leadership" in the locker room. To me, Vince's personal way of leading was by example, and it's entirely different from screaming at the top of your lungs about the team.

    I hope Wilfork is a lifelong Patriot. He's starting to be "Mr. Patriot" to me.

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