'twas the night before the game ...

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    'twas the ngiht before the game, and all through the house, no negative sounds could be heard, about a rout.

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    From: Bender <l...@sea.com>
    Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 11:01:58 -0500

    Subject: A great night for football

    Frost over night....Sun shinning brightly..... a fall chill in the
    air.... no wind to speak of....perfect football weather...

    Sort of a feel of tense anticipation of something special is going to
    happen around here tonight. Bills being huge underdogs makes for a
    strange optimism, The Bills are expected to lose and if they do win it
    will be a turning point for this franchise.

    This is where I usually pick the Bills to win the game by at least two
    touchdowns but I will refrain this week. The two hottest teams over the
    last month and a half are about to square off in what could be the
    biggest game the Bills franchise has played in years.

    This reminds me a lot of the anticipation of opening day 1980 against
    the Miami Dolphins. That day the Bills overcame seven turnovers to beat
    the Dolphins and broke a 20 game losing streak to them. I hope tonight
    nets the same results.

    <If the Bills win tonight, the goal posts will come down!>
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