Troy Brown Interview on ESPN

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    Troy Brown video interview on

    (look on the right)

    Also, partial transcript by Mike Reiss:

    There are reports that you’ve agreed to a deal with the Patriots. What can you tell us about that?
    “Yes, I have. I kind of waited until right before training camp starts and I signed a deal. I’m looking forward to getting started. I’m just going to play the season like I’ve played the rest of them – just play it one day at a time. That’s all I can really do. I’m happy to be back here in Boston.”

    You’ve been rehabbing the torn patellar tendon. What did the Patriots need to see out of you to get you to a deal?
    “They needed to see the Troy Brown they’ve always known. I think it’s a big challenge for me. There is a lot of competition in camp this year, which it’s been every year, and I have to go out and prove to them I can still play this game. I talked to Bill [Belichick] and he’s on the same page as me, that I have to go out there and prove that I deserve to be on the roster. That’s what I have to do. It’s a challenge for me and I accept the challenge. That’s what has been motivating me the past few years, the challenge of proving to them I can still do it.”

    As you mentioned, the Patriots are now loaded at receiver. One of those guys is Randy Moss and he was quoted as saying he was the second best receiver to come out of Marshall, and that you're No. 1. Does he have that right?
    "I think he was being a little modest with that statement. I accept it, but he is definitely the best receiver to ever come out of Marshall. I think we both played there for two years and he destroyed all the records I had set there. He's definitely a great talent and a great wide receiver, and he's proven it over the past few years in the league also."

    What have you learned about Randy Moss after seeing him up and close and personal every day?
    "He works hard. We have a mutual friend in a guy we played with at Marshall who he works out with down in Florida, and he talks about him all the time and how hard he works, the drills he does. I know one thing, he doesn't drop any balls. The guy has phenomenal hands and great hand-eye coordination, and I think he's in a situation now, at a point in his career now, where he just wants to win. I think him coming here, I think he felt it gave him his best chance ... to win."
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    What the hell are those giant sand castles in the background? You could live in one of those...

    "I know one thing, he doesn't drop any balls."

    Huh. Nah, Troy wouldn't do that.


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