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Discussion in 'Patriots 2008 Training Camp Reports and Photos' started by Urgent, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. Urgent

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    I attended today's last open camp session.

    Not too exciting.
    No Brady. No Adalius Thomas, Matt Light, Rodney Harrison, Wilhite, Webster, Neal, Ross, O'Callaghan, etc.
    The most interesting part was about midway through the hot practice when players started taking off their helmets. Easy to pick out the rookies. Slater was modeling sort of an Easter egg stripe look, and Stupar had two big tufts, sort of where horns would be. Mayo and Wheatley kept their helmets on.

    John Lynch was there, #47.

    The team was mostly at three-quarters speed, no hitting, lots of 7x7. Lots of punting.

    Wheatley had one nice INT across the middle.
    Moss had a nice long catch over the top running through the end-zone.
    Chad Jackson was working on PR with Faulk and Welker. I noticed that when a whistle blew on the other field, he lost concentration and dropped the punt (without any coverage).

    Wheatley, Hobbs, and Bryant were the top three corners. They may have been the bottom three as well, given injuries.

    A little 4-3 work briefly in 11x11, with Jarvis Green at RDE over the LT.

    Ventrone was working at receiver a lot. Slater at receiver a little.

    Lots of passing work, some running work, but just tapping for tackles.

    After sitting through the hot sun, the kids were treated to Dan Connolly and Jimmy Martin signing autographs. That's a keeper, kids.
  2. Box_O_Rocks

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    Thanks for the report!
  3. Canada's #1 Pats Fan

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    After they get released and make it big on the Jets or Colts roster, then they'll have a keeper.
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