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  1. What Waters and Connolly did yesterday was simply dominant. Waters is witout question our best FA pickup and him and Connolly seem to work great together. Waters first superbowl and Connolly playing to keep his starting spot once Koppen is healthy. The way those 2 shut down Ngata compared to Neal and Koppen in 09 was huge. Question to you pats fans. Has Connolly earned the starting center job? If it was up to me i would say yes no question asked.:beatingcoming:
  2. Batman

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    I would say that Waters is the best FA pick up. Connolly has a way to go yet I like the battle at the start of next years training camp though
  3. PatsDeb

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    I am so happy for Waters. They interviewed him on the sideline after the game and he was just giddy. I hope he gets a ring. What a pick-up for the Pats! Signed him less than a week before the season started and never looked back. Simply awesome!!
  4. PatsFan2

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    Connolly is a HUGE Upgrade at Center over Koppen it's not even close...where was Nata yesterday? He did Nada.
  5. RodThePat

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    Ngata had a pretty mediocre season overall, for whatever reason.
  6. Wilfork#75

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    I would throw Brandon Deaderick in there as well. I think he has been fantastic since he returned this year, and along with Kyle Love the future of the D-Line looks pretty bright. But Waters, Connolly, Carter and Anderson have really been great this year. Even Ihedigbo has stepped up his game.
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    How about Gostkowski?

    Three for three on field goals, 9 points, also five of six on touchbacks. Granted none of the FGs were very long (29-35-24) but, you know, neither was that last try by Baltimore. It was said a few times in the game thread, "We're not going to win scoring field goals" — and I bought into that a bit too — but those nine points came in mighty handy.
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