the Greatest offseason in Patriot history

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by patsgo, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. patsgo

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    thankyou Mr. Kraft., Mr. Pioli, Mr. Belicheck, and guess what its not over
  2. Seymour93

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    Yup. We finally defeated the Redskins in April.
  3. A.C Vegas

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    And We'll Beat Everyone else in the winter i know i shouldn't say it or think it but god how great would 19-0 Sound
  4. Kdo5

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    Almost over thought. I do think it was the best offseason ever in Pats history. We dont know how every player will pan out but I am just amazed. First off AD is a monster. I have no doubt he will be awesome for us. Secondly on offense, people complained about a bad recieving core with little depth. No real starters. And yet we still make it to the AFCCG and Brady has another good year with 23 TD's. But know we give him RANDY MOSS. Are you kidding me? Moss is gonna be great this year and the QB-WR connection awes me. Stallworth as the #2 WR. Our two starters are crazy fast guys. Reche & CJ are both pretty fast two. But man, there will be so so much less pressure on Maroney this year as teams have to respect the passing game.
  5. Fixit

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    It's been a lot of fun. This summer, I'm making a couple of drives from NY to Foxboro for camp.
  6. zippo59

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    It's certainly been great in terms of name value, but we won't really know how good it is until we see the results on the field. It's been a lot of fun though.
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  7. JoeSixPat

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    I'm on record previously expressing grave concerns about Merriweather and Moss for different reasons... but BB seems convinced.

    In the worst case scenario I expect both contracts are generally turd proof - with clauses protecting the team financially if they revert to prior form - though we'd have wasted a 1st and 4th pick respectively

    The upside of course is incredible - and let's tip our hat to BB and Pioli for a savvy trade that turned #28 into Randy Moss this year and a likely Top 15 pick next year - That's some pretty good value if Moss delivers
  8. JDP111

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    Although I love the moves, it is hard for me seeing the 49ers pick becoming a top 15 draft choice. The 49ers are putting together are very nice team (on paper of course.) I wouldn't be surprised if it will be a pick somewhere around 20-24.
  9. patsgo

    patsgo Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    lets not worry about that until next year obviously they didnt see the value there lets give them the benefit of the doubt
  10. bigrichard93

    bigrichard93 Rookie

    Not only are the Pats the favorites, as of now to win it all, but what sucks for every other team in the league is that we have 2 first round picks for next year, a second and 2 thirds. 5 1st day picks.

    I think the one thing that could hurt this offense is how well Maroney and the offensive line do in the run game. They'll be able to win some games just throwing the ball, but they need to establish a good run game. I could see Maroney, if healthy, running for 1,150 yards this year. Little concerned about whos gonna be his backup. Sammy Morris doesnt really do it for me, but hopefully I'm wrong. The pass game could be the best in football. Brady should have career numbers next year throwing to Moss, Stallworth, Watson, Caldwell, Welker, Thomas, Gaffney, Washington and Jackson who could be a great WR if he uses his talent, when he comes back from his injury. Theres still Faulk to coming out of the backfield to catch some balls.

    Defensively theyve filled alot of holes with Merriweather and Thomas. Theyre D-LINE is the one of the best in the NFL, they have 2 OLB's in Colvin and Thomas who are beasts coming off the edge, although neither are great defending the run. Vrabel and Bruschi the 2 veteran ILB's should be steady as usual running front 7. Bruschi's speeds been declining but i think the addition of Thomas should help him out since now he doesnt always have to cover for Banta-Cain getting beat on the outside. Id like to see Seau back to since we really dont have much depth at LB if someone was to get hurt or need a breather (Hartwell would be another option). I was really impressed with him last year. Get Samuel signed and we should have a solid group of CB. Hobbs improved last year and is a decent #2 corner. James i think could be a big help covering some of the bigger, possession WR and also help against 3 WR/4 WR formations. Could also see some time in the nickel D. It was only a couple years ago when he was a pro-bowler. Id expect Harrison to have a steady season as usual running the DB's and Eugene Wilson's back at FS hopefully he can pick up where he left off before his injury. He was really starting to become a very reliable safety. Merriweather is also available if Wilson moves to CB or under performs, but i think for atleast the start of next year Merriweather will be very valuable as a nickel back. Hawkins is also a reliable back-up who can play SS or FS and knows the system.
  11. signbabybrady

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    All that is left is to not tarnish this by screwing up the asante deal

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