Surpises Before The Draft

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by mgteich, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. mgteich

    mgteich Veteran Supporter

    The only surprises I expect before the draft are possible trades. Trades are no a surprise during Draft Weekend.
  2. KY Pats Fan

    KY Pats Fan Practice Squad Player

    Seymour for a 1st round pick.
  3. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

    I agree that trades are not a suprise but it's the type of trade that can be suprising. For example, I don't think anyone expected the Moss trade 2 years ago. Suspected maybe. Expected no.

    I don't expect it but if Peppers and Suggs are to be acquired, I'm pretty sure it would be on draft day as the Pats and their trading partner to wait until the 11th hour.
  4. Jimke

    Jimke In the Starting Line-Up

    You're probably going to be ridiculed by most of the forum on

    this one but the idea is not as nutty as it may appear. There

    is no way Seymour will re-sign with the Patriots unless he is given

    15 million per year with the same guaranteed money as Haynesworth.

    If he is franchised, he will simply hold out. One factor would be whether

    the pick is early first round.
  5. mgteich

    mgteich Veteran Supporter

    I don't that think that this is a nutty idea at all. We could then sign Jason Taylor, and use our new first on a DE and still draft a linebacker at 23, and an additional top 100 pick DT. I think that I would like to have a tentative extensioin of Jarvis Green in place (I think that this could be cap neutral).

    DL: Warren, Wilfork, Green, 1st rounder or Seymour, Smith, Hood (3rd rounder)
    LB: Taylor, Thomas, Mayo, 1st rounder, Guyton, Bruschi, Woods, TBC, Crable

    The advantage of the frst rounder instead of Seymour is that the new player would have a 5 year contract and a cap hit in the $2.5M range as Mayo does.

  6. mayoclinic

    mayoclinic Supporter Supporter

    I've always liked that idea, if someone would give us a 1st rounder. There's no doubt Seymour is one of the best 3-4 DE's around, but between age, injuries and contract demands I think the Pats would be open to the right deal. I've always felt that Wilfork and Mankins would resign for reasonable deals but that Seymour was more of a Samuel-like "money first" kind of guy, and might end up being the hardest to resign, with a likely gap between what he thought he was worth and what the FO valued him at.

    My question is, if GB or Denver were to offer their #2 for him, would you still bite? How much would it take? We could probably get Jarron Gilbert with that pick and groom him to be Seymour's replacement. What about a 2010 #1?
  7. TealSox

    TealSox Guest

    Nah, I don't bite on it.

    Having Seymour in a contract year and getting a compensation pick for him after he signs elsewhere is better than getting a second round pick. Hopefully he would play, like most do in their last years of their contract, all out and be the beast we know he can be. After that, he can get his money from the Broncos, Browns, Dolphins, Jets, etc and the Pats can plug the hole with either a 2009 rookie like Jarron Gilbert or draft a guy in 2010 (like the guy from Nebraska).

    Hate to see him go to a rival, but if he is asking for Haynesworth money, than his contract will be the poison pill that restricts that team from making other moves in the future.
  8. Sleeping King

    Sleeping King Practice Squad Player

    No one is trading a 1st Round pick for Seymour. A lot of people on this board are bat s... crazy. Any team that traded for him would have the same problem the Pats will have next offseason in regards to trying to meet his insane contract demands.
  9. mgteich

    mgteich Veteran Supporter

    A 2010 is the same to me as a 2009 2nd. The 2011 comp pick is the same as a 2009 5th. So, yes, I would consider a 2009 2nd, if I liked some of the DE's.

  10. javajunky

    javajunky On the Roster

    Why trade him this year when we can fanchise and trade him next year? It seems waiting year is like having your cake and getting to eat it too.
  11. fair catch fryar

    fair catch fryar In the Starting Line-Up

    #87 Jersey

    Because they may need to franchise someone like Wilfork.
  12. mgteich

    mgteich Veteran Supporter

    Or Mankins or Gost if we have a new CBA.

  13. JackBauer

    JackBauer Pro Bowl Player

    Who in this draft could step right in as a 3-4 DE and play effectively? Seems awfully risky to me.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2009
  14. mgteich

    mgteich Veteran Supporter

    Jarvis Green with LeKevin Smith as the backup

  15. supafly

    supafly Supporter Supporter

    #32 Jersey

    Seems risky to me too. Of course I'm still holding onto that small, remote chance that we can somehow come to terms with him. He is very important in our scheme, and always demands 2 guys. I know the argument is more about what we can do with him, rather than his worth to the defense. I however, believe that we should wait and see what may happen, specifically with the CBA. Big Sey's are not a dime a dozen in this league, and I think it would be a gamble to try and replace him.
  16. matt1073

    matt1073 Guest

    Dude I could see that happening too
  17. kurtinelson

    kurtinelson In the Starting Line-Up

    #37 Jersey

    It makes you wonder why the Pats have not yet restructured Jarvis' $5million cap hit for 2009.
  18. billdog3484

    billdog3484 Supporter Supporter

    i doubt this is likely. look at miguels cap page. if we trade him we gain 3.4M in cap room. what could we do with that 3.4M that is better than seymour? i doubt anything, so i doubt anything will happen. this isnt madden 2009 for playstation. this is real football. seymour will be on our team in 09
  19. Hercules Rockefeller

    Hercules Rockefeller Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    The reason why I would not make that trade is because, while it is nice to have future first round picks to re-stock the roster, Seymour is still a dominating player, and the goal is to win the Super Bowl this year. There is no trade for a future 1st rounder that gives them as good a chance to win as Seymour does. He's still a very effective player who other teams have to account for. So while I am usually all for banking future 1sts, Richard Seymour needs to only be concentrating on getting that fourth ring this year.
  20. DisgruntledTunaFan

    DisgruntledTunaFan In the Starting Line-Up

    This is non-Pats related, but I think Ocho Cinco will get traded to a playoff contender either right before or on draft day.

    I think the team that pulls it off could very well do it by giving up less than a 2nd rouder.
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