Something Strange Going On With Easterbrook

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by aluminum seats, Sep 25, 2007.

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  2. FloridaPatsFan

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    I almost never miss a TMQ column and have always felt that he was a bit of a Patriot fan himself....but after last weeks column....I was shocked. He really has hatred for us now.....

    And I say this even before I read his column this week....Reading BTL on your post I'm guessing he's taken it to another level...
  3. Slagathor

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    Isn't it obvious?

    Last week, his stupid coulumn got more views and publicity than it ever has.

    The guy must've been beside himself with all the attention he got.

    Now he's just milking it for more.

    He found the pot o' gold. THE BORGES FORMULA!!!!!!

    If I piss people off by writing dumb inflammatory stuff, I will get the attention I so crave. :bricks:
  4. Fixit

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    I have no idea where you'd get that. Easterbrook has had an ax to grind against the Pats for years. His comments, especially during the SB runs, were peppered with references to luck and beneficial calls/non-calls. Conversely, in several years of reading him, I don't remember him even once mentioning that the Pats got hosed on a call. During the 21-game streak, he was begging for someone, anyone, to beat them.

    Now he just sounds like an idiot. I used to think he was relatively well-reasoned, but lately he's coming off as a joke.
  5. MetalBleachers

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    Can someone summarize? I also used to be a big TMQ fan but now I refuse to read it. Thanks.
  6. PatsWickedPissah

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    Pats cheated
    NFL covered up
    Pats cheated
    NFL covered up
    Pats cheated
    Romeo et. al. suck as coaches 'cause they lost the benefit of BB's cheating
    Pats cheated

    The guy writes for the agenda obsessed, fact hating New Republic, 'nuff said
  7. Fixit

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    I just read this week's TMQ, and I can say is, "Wow." He really thinks he's Bob Woodward-esque.
  8. aluminum seats

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    Just a lot of tinfoil-hat conspiracy stuff about the tapes the Pats turned over. Why were they destroyed? What took so long to turn them over? Was there footage of the grassy knoll on them? etc. etc.

    Come to think of it, I think he's one of those guys that Watergate made such an impression on he gets all excited about the idea of conspiracies. Good you're not reading it, actually--keep his traffic down.
  9. Fixit

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    After Aiello twice declined to say what the Patriots' materials showed, I heard from him a third time Sunday. He wrote in an e-mail that my assumption the tapes contained indications of Super Bowl cheating is "wrong," then wrote, "There is no such evidence regarding the Patriots' Super Bowl victories." So, is this the denial that I've been seeking? But wait: Three days earlier, the NFL destroyed the evidence. I asked Aiello whether he meant there is no evidence now of New England cheating in a Super Bowl -- that is, after the destruction of the files -- or whether examination of the materials positively affirmed no cheating. He did not reply.

    He goes on and on about the "non-denial denial" while glossing over the part I bolded, you know, the flat-out denial.
  10. FloridaPatsFan

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    I have a thought on this matter.

    Easterbrook is saying something fishy is going on with the destruction of the evidence the Patriots sent to the league office. He says that there is a possiblity that the Patriots may have cheated in their SB victories. It is complete SPECULATION.

    I think the league was publicly embarrased by FOX Sports playing the tape they confiscated from the Patriots the same week they recieved it. A clear indication that someone from the league office had leaked it.

    So if the Patriots had threatened with a lawsuit against the league for leaking evidence to the press (air-tight proof), perhaps Goodell viewed the new evidence and found it to be more of the same (as the Jets tape) and in an attempt to avoid more embarrasment and potential lawsuits, ordered them to be destroyed so that this time he could guarentee no leaking of tapes to the press......And in return...the Patriots drop thier lawsuit against the league.

  11. Na_polian

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    It COULD be that, or, maybe it's just that Easterbrook is a douche.
  12. denverpatsfan

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    He can't let it go. Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. It sells.

    What he is saying is that since the NFL won't come out and say explicitly that there was no evidence of "cheating" in the Super Bowls due to the taped signals, there must have been cheating, or they wouldn't have destroyed the tapes so soon.

    I am done with GE.
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  13. patsox23

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    Total B.S. speculation. Silly. Generating hits and revenue. It's horsecrap and continues to show a fundamental lack of understand in terms of what was GAINED and what was implimented. It's totally retarded, but don't let that get in the way of a good, if entirely fictional, story.
  14. danny88

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    MAYBEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  15. Rob0729

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    Exactly. People discussed his column all over the country and half the people didn't know who he was and probably can't remember his name now. He is going to milk this gravy train for as long as he can.
  16. FloridaPatsFan

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    Thanks Na Polian....I agree now more than ever. I think Easterbrook is losing sleep over the patriots. Would not surprise me if he even writes a book about it.
  17. DGameguy

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    To be honest, I'm not all that surprised by this from Easterbrook. Modern day Nazis often look to conspiracy theories to hold up their twisted points-of-view. Maybe it's because of Kraft. Easterbrook has made anti-semitic comments in the past, maybe this is now his opening to attack. I should say that I never have really been a fan of his articles.

    The whole Aiello's lack of a reply is nothing. Aiello already answered his question. Im sure he didn't mean that there was NOW no evidence that it was destroyed.
  18. danny88

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    Haha this clown will be penning aritcles about this when no one gives a ****. What waste of life.
  19. robertweathers

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    I think you are pretty close on this.

    Goodell came to the realization that the Pats and every other team in the NFL has bootlegs on bootlegs of non NFL-sanctioned game film in their vaults. It could have shot from from sideline cameras, the stands, to press-boxes, etc.

    So Goodell asks the Pats for their entire library of bootleg tapes to make the competition committe happy. The Pats ask if the commish will go after the other teams and request that their bootleg tapes be confiscated. The NFL says we have no reason to suspect the other teams. The Pats ask what reason do you have to believe we have more. NFL says people told us. Pats say we tell you that the Jets and every other team has tape on us and you are compromising this season's comeptitive landscape by making us turn over all our tapes and not anyone elses. NFL says fine, we'll bury it and send out a memo to the other 31 teams. I'm sure there was some give and take over the phone on this, but my gut tells me how it went down. If they got more than 2more tapes from the Jets game i'd be shocked.

    IMO, this thing could have become a witch hunt and exposed alot of unsavory aspects of the game that the fans dont want to know.
  20. BostonBullit

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    "If a big American institution such as the NFL is not being honest with the public about a subject as minor, in the scheme of things, as the Super Bowl, how can we expect American government and business to be honest with the public about what really matters?"

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAH....seriously, I think he thinks he's on his way to a pulitzer or something with this story....years from now students in Journalism II are going to be studying him and mentioning him in the same breath as Woodward and Bernstein....what a tool :rolleyes:

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