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  1. Off The Grid

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    Warning: Very few folks will be interested in this. :eek:

    I've decided to indulge my FootBall Jones a bit more'n usual over the next few weeks, and engage in some detailed Tape Evaluation of some'f our Players. I don't have any particular schedule or plan, and I started very late, this week, but for my Fellow FootBall Degenerates, I offer the following Evaluation of Donald Thomas's Game against the Jets.

    It's too grueling to transcribe and reformat everything from the Blog, but I wrote up Tom Brady and Ryan Wendell, as well, if you're interested.

    OG Donald Thomas ~ #64!! ;)


    1 ~ At 02:50 on your Tape ~ first play of the Game, after the Opening KickOff ~ Donald Thomas wasn't nearly quick enough, and got beaten by Muhammad Wilkerson, forcing an Intentional Grounding Penalty. Bad start.

    2 ~ At 10:20 on your Tape ~ first play of our 2nd Possession, 1st & 10 from our 36 ~ the Patriots ran Inside Left Guard and Stevan "You May Fire When Ready" Ridley racked up 9 Yards. Thomas acquitted himself well, sealing the outside against that same Wilkerson, and providing a Lane for Ridley, who made the most of it.

    3 ~ At 10:45 ~ the very next Play, 2nd & 1 ~ the Patriots went No Huddle and opted to run it, with Ridley given the Ball, and Thomas tasked to hit the second level and take on Bart Scott. He acquitted'mself well enough, getting out past the 1st Down Marker, and fighting Scott to a Draw, though one might've hoped he'd've done better, what with a 60 Pound advantage on'm. Even so, he did'is Job, and the Patriots Moved The Chains.

    4 ~ At 25:05 ~ the second Play of our 3rd Possession, 2nd & 5 from the Patriot 21, still a scoreless Tie ~ the Patriots ran it right up the Center, and I have to say: Thomas simply beat Wilkerson on that Play, sealing the Inside Left Flank, driving Wilkerson to the ground, and giving "Uncanny" Danny WoodHead enough DayLight to rip up a big 8 Yard Gain that decisively got our Offense rolling. Pretty damned impressive.

    5 ~ At 31:45 ~ 2nd & 10 from the Jets 38, later in the same Drive ~ the Patriots featured Thomas in a Run right up the Gut. Thomas went Man on Man with Wilkerson, again, and I have to say: They both acquitted themselves well.

    Neither got too high or got stiff, and they both put their Core into it. The result was a Draw, and Thomas was able to neutralize Wilkerson, which was an invaluable part of carving out a Zone for my boy "Ricochet" Shane Vereen to blast through for a 12 Yard Gain!! So much for Vereen not being able to run up the Middle!!

    6 ~ At 32:45 ~ 1st & Goal from the Jets 10 ~ the Patriots ran it up the Middle. Most will consider this a small thing, but I do not. Championships Are Won In The Trenches. On this Play, Thomas chipped Wilkerson on the way to attacking David Harris at the second level...and he executed both moves perfectly. The result was the very definition of "unremarkable": a 3 Yard Gain. And most will laugh at me for saying it, but I don't give a rat's @$$:

    This sort of unremarkably Grim, Grisly precisely the sort of Play on which Championships are built: Thomas dropped an exquisite Chip to help Nate "Universal" Solder neutralize the dangerous Mister Wilkerson, and then immediately drove to the second level to take on and absolutely crush the explosive and destructive Mister Harris.

    That enabled "Ricochet" Shane Vereen to grunt out 3 important Yards...And only because SuperBeast Sione Pouha worked'is way past Ryan Wendell and clipped Vereen before he could accelerate up the Center that Thomas'd almost single-handedly cleared out...did Vereen not pick up an whole lot more.

    In a word: Both teams showed Grit on this Play. Thomas and Pouha, above all.

    7 ~ At 33:10 ~ 2nd & Goal from the Jets 7, on the very next Play ~ the Patriots went to My Boy Vereen, again, Off Left Guard, this time...and Thomas fought yet another Grim Battle with SuperBeast Sione Pouha, who tossed Thomas aside at the last moment to stop Vereen...who really wasn't going much further at that point, frankly, as the Line'd stiffened up. But it was good for 4 Grim, Grisly Yards, to take us down to the 3 in this scoreless Battle.

    Thomas is young and still learning, but he's clearly improving his Game, and I believe that the Tenacity and Power that he showed on these two Plays will be crucial, when we need him in the Trenches of Big Games in the Future.

    8 ~ At 01:07:55 ~ 2nd & 5 from the Patriots 39, with that sudden & shocking 28-0 lead ~ Thomas led the Play, charging out to the second level to take on one of my beloved Binkies from the 2012 Draft, Demario Davis, and Thomas acquitted'imself well, driving Davis away though without eliminating'im: He was essential in enabling Ridley to crank out 5 big Yards, and Move The Chains.

    9 ~ At 02:17:45 ~ 1st & 10 from the Patriots 13, with the annoying Jets having annoyingly narrowed our lead to 35-12 ~ the Patriots went with a Run right up the Middle. Thomas took on Mike DeVito, and I have to say that DeVito got the best'f'm, getting Square and driving up and in on Thomas...Even so, Thomas held'is ground well enough that Ridley was able to surge through the Middle, and ended up picking up 8 Big Ones.

    10 ~ At 02:19:20 ~ 1st & 10 from the Patriots 24, shortly thereafter ~ Thomas was once again matched against DeVito, and this time got the best'f'm. Mind you: It looked like Ridley was supposed to take it straight up the Gut, but that's just pure Speculation on my part. What I do know is that Thomas got the best of DeVito in this Battle, and turned'm to the Inside, opening up an Hole for Ridley, Off Left Guard, to blast through for 6 Big Ones.

    What I Saw

    It's no secret that I have considered Donald Thomas to be a very intriguing developmental O Guard. This is a guy who hasn't had many years with which to master'is Craft: 6 years ago, he was a Tight End.

    This was just 18 months before he got drafted ~ this former standout Defensive Tackle, standout 1st Baseman, Pitcher, and of course: standout Center ~ Basketball Center ~ as an O Guard!!

    So it's taken'm a while to develop his Game, as one might expect...But it has finally started to click for'm on a consistent basis, and he has taken enormous strides, this year, which were quite evident against the Jets.

    All the most vital Attributes for a Grizzly's success ~ Core Power, Core Strength, and Fluidity ~ were on plentiful display, last week, as well as Dexterity. Thomas was consistently squared up and in position to make Plays, and against some formidable adversaries ~ Sione Pouha and David Harris, in particular.

    I'll call'm a Prospect no more: I think we've got a genuine starting Offensive Guard, here.

    And he's well on'is way to becoming a very good one.
  2. Off The Grid

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    Actually, that was pretty easy!! All I had to do was step away from the formatting!! :singing:

    I'll knock out the other two...toot sweet!! :D
  3. Off The Grid

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    OC Ryan Wendell


    1 ~ Ryan Wendell's first chance to make an Impact was on our second Drive of the Game, at the 10:20 mark, if you taped the Game. On the very first Play of the Drive, from the Patriots 36 on 1st & 10, the Patriots ran it right up the Middle, and it was Wendell who led the way, heading out to the second level to take on the Mike MidFielder, David Harris. Wendell didn't get low, but he made a nice play in bursting at Harris, which drove'm out'f the path of the Play, helping give Stevan "You May Fire When Ready" Ridley enough daylight to surge through for an huge 9 Yard Gain to open our 2nd Drive. Harris actually eventually made the Tackle, after going all the way around Wendell and pursuing Ridley from behind, but that was obviously a nice Win for Wendell on'is first Impact Play.

    2 ~ The Patriots must've liked what they saw on that one, because on the very next Play, on 2nd & 1 ~ 10:40 on your Tape ~ they gave it to Ridley up the Middle yet again ~ this time out'f the No Huddle ~ and ran it right behind Wendell, who again advanced to the second level to take on David Harris. Here, though, I didn't think Wendell fared as well, as Harris was able to get low, square up on Wendell and his extra 50 Pounds, and hold'is ground. Ridley punched it through a tight hole for an impressive 5 Yard Gain, but most of that was on Ridley, himself.

    3 ~ On our 3rd Possession, with the scored still knotted at Zero after Steve Gregory's Interception, the Patriots had a 2nd & 5 from their 21 ~ at 25:05. The Patriots went with a run up the Middle. Wendell at least got good positioning on Muhammad Wilkerson, in the sense that he sealed off the Inside for the Run, but he was a Tick late, and Wilkerson got a great jump, blasting by Wendell's right shoulder without Wendell even slowing'm down, and came within an inch of blowing up the Play. Fortunately, "Uncanny" Danny WoodHead is a deceptively explosive Scrapper who didn't waste any time hitting the Hole, and he blew past Wilkerson for a sweet 8 Yard Gain.

    4 ~ A Play later, with the Patriots at 2nd & 10 from their 29 ~ at 26:10 ~ they gave the Ball to Ridley for a Run off Right Guard. Wendell was once again tasked with taking on David Harris at the second level, and the results were an interesting display of Winning The Battle But Losing The War...or, from the Patriots's perspective: Losing the Battle Yet Winning The War: Wendell's limitations of Fluidity and Lateral Agility were exposed as Harris juked'm quite decisively, slipping around Wendell's Left and circling back out behind'm towards Ridley, who was surging upfield between Wendell and Right Tackle. Fortunately for us, Ridley ~ unlike'is predecessor, BenJarvus Hyphenator, The Most Average O Back In All The Land ~ has some Burst to'is Game, and, far more importantly: some Decisiveness. That's Diagnostic Acuity & Processing Speed at work, and it meant a big Gain, despite Wendell losing the Inside Seal to Harris. Wendell is a decidedly limited Player...but he does his job.

    5 ~ At 01:07:50, with the Patriots having shockingly and suddenly blasted their way to a 28-0 lead, we lined up in the No Huddle, 1st & 10, at our own 39. The Play was a Run to Ridley off Left Guard, and Wendell made a terrific Play on SuperBeast Sione Pouha, showing outstanding Core Power in getting in and under'm, driving'm, and carving out an Hole for Ridley to surge into for an impressive 5 Yard Gain. Indeed, Wendell fared well against Pouha for most'f the Game, though less successfully against the rest of the Jets. In all fairness, though, Pouha's been struggling mightily with back problems, this year, and'as missed several Games. It's hard to imagine ~ considering Wendell's struggles against the other guys ~ that he'd've fared anywhere near as well against an healthy Pouha.

    6 ~ At 02:17:45, with the Jets having annoyingly chipped away to draw within 35-12, the Patriots started a new Drive from their own 13, and went right up the Center with Ridley. On this play, Wendell did an exceptional job on Muhammad Wilkerson, this time, getting up and under'm, and driving'm to the right, sealing the Outside, and giving Ridley a nice Hole to cut into for a powerful 8 Yard Gash that set the Tone for what would prove to be the decisive Drive of the Game: Despite Al Michael's fervent wishes, there would be no ComeBack from 35-3 today.

    What I Saw

    Wendell won a few Battles, and in any case his superior Fluidity and Dexterity enabled'm to usually sustain strong positioning, even if he was stood up. But he did all too often lose the Leverage Game, whether he was taking on Grizzlies at the Line of Scrimmage, or advancing to the second level to take on MidFielders. And that's a concern.

    And yet we won most of those Battles, despite we tend to.

    That is testimony both to the phenomenal coaching of Dante Scarnecchia, and to the Burst & Decisiveness of our Offensive Backs. Had BenJarvus Hyphenator, The Most Average O Back In All The Land, been running behind Wendell, I believe that the results would've been dramatically different...And that would've made for a far different Game, with our early Drives stalling out: 49-19 Beat Downs always look emphatic, after the fact.

    But any discerning Student of the Game will tell you: The course of a Game is usually disproportionately impacted by the Tone that is set early on. This Game wouldn't followed quite a different course, had Green been stumbling and bumbling his way to 2 and 3 Yard Gains on those very same Plays that Ridley and Friends blew open.

    Wendell does not boast especially impressive Core Strength, which is why he'll always be a Liability.

    He can compete at this level, because he commands impressive Fluidity and a nice Burst to the second level.

    And he's smart: He sticks to'is Job, and works well within'is own limitations.

    But he'll always be a concern against elite level Defenses. And that means The Depths of Winter.

    The Only Games That Really Matter.
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    Bill The Mad (Genius) says that the season really begins on ThanksGiving Week...and he's 100% correct.

    QB General Tom Brady ~ GOAT In Training!!


    1 ~ The first play from Scrimmage ~ 02:50 if you taped the Game ~ was of course the Intentional Grounding play. That was Muhammad Wilkerson beating Donald Thomas on the play, and Wilkerson was pulling Brady down for a Sack when Brady opted to try to get away with one. That was clearly the right call, on Brady's part, because ~ as often as not ~ somebody who you don't even see will happen to be close enough to the ball to warrant the Referees giving you a break...especially if you're Tom Phucking Brady!! The Refs made the right call, of course, but better to risk a loss of down and yardage than to guarantee it by taking the Sack.

    2 ~ On the very next play ~ 03:50 on your Tape ~ Brady, faced with a 1st & 20 but a smaller, Pass-Oriented Jets Defense, didn't hesitate to run the Ball. Stevan "You May Fire When Ready" Ridley only picked up a few ~ 5 ~ Yards on that particular play, but that's not important. What is important, is that Brady's continuing commitment to Using The Whole Pig ~ which was in effusive display as he repeatedly blasted away at smaller Jets Fronts with the Running Game ~ is precisely what makes this phenomenal Offense...phenomenal. The Enemy has no idea what we're going to do on any given Play, no matter how obvious the Call might seem to be...and deadly.

    3 ~ On our next possession, after Ridley started things off with an impressive 9 Yard Blast, Brady quickly went ~ at 10:40 on your Tape ~ to the No Huddle Offense...and ran the Ball. That, Ladies & Laddies, is, to my eyes, the most exciting development of this Season: The Introduction by Mad Mac, and the repeated and unhesitatingly rampant implementation by General Tom Brady, of running the Ball...out'f the No Huddle. That, above all, is what has rendered us so nightmarishly unpredictable to our Foes. And that, above all, is what inspires me with High Hopes when I consider our chances of defeating the best Defenses in the Game, come The Depths Of Winter.

    4 ~ This immediately payed dividends as Brady, with his incomparable Instincts and sense of timing, evidently thought that the Jets ~ still trying to adjust to our repeated changing of gears ~ might be ripe for a little Play Action, and he went right to that ~ at 11:05 ~ with a slightly overthrown loft to Aaron Hernandez that The Navigator made a great play on. Brady's Field Generalship & Instincts are second to none.

    5 ~ At 26:40, with 4:52 left in the 1st Quarter, and with a 3rd & 1 on our own 39, Brady dialed up a sweet little Tactical Twist that I absolutely loved, and which doubtlessly shows Mad Mac's influence on this year's Offense: From a rare ~ and may I say: beautiful ~ 2 Back Set ~ Ridley and "Richochet" Shane Vereen!! ~ and with Daniel Fells "ParkWay" lined up as Tight End on the Right Flank, and Aaron The Navigator lined up off'f Fells at Wing Back, the Patriots gave every indication that they were either going to go with the Sneak or with a run to the heavily loaded Right Flank...But Brady instead faked the Inside Run...and then pitched it to Vereen, breaking to the Left, who got a nice couple of Blocks from Julian Edelman on the outside and Nate "Universal" Solder on the inside, and beat'is man to the Alley to pick up 6 big Yards that would get us rolling, 10 minutes into the Game. Nice.

    6 ~ In the 2nd Quarter, with us having exploded ~ in inexplicably exquisite fashion!! ~ to a 28-0 lead, the Patriots, led by The Relentless One, had a 3rd & 5 at their own 44 ~ at 01:11:30 on your Tape ~ and Brady dialed up a sweet Post Pattern to Julian Edelman...and lit it!! Damn, I love listening to Chris Collinsworth call our Games!!

    7 ~ With the Patriots up, 42-12, early in the 4th, and with Alfonzo Dennard and Rob Ninkovich just having torn the Ball away and given us a 1st Down at the Jets 37, Tom The Merciless didn't give our Foes a moment to gather themselves: He immediately stabbed ~ on the very first play, mind you, at 02:36:50 ~ at the Jets's quivering heart with a boiling dart to Wild Wes Welker for 28 Yards and a First & Goal. 1 Play later, the Game was over.

    That, Ladies & what we call Killer Instinct.

    You're Not a QuarterBack!! You're a KILLER!!


    What I Saw

    General Tom Brady, in the words of The Immortal Gunny Hartman, is Born Again Hard.

    Mad Mac, far from realizing my fears of an hyped up version of Air Brady, has come up with such a ridiculously eclectic Arsenal of Plays that we have become, arguably, the most unpredictable Offense in the World.

    And General Tom Brady has taken to this exquisite unpredictability ~ to Using The Whole Pig ~ with his TradeMark Passion, Raging Intensity...and incomparable decision-making Aptitude.

    It is truly a wonder to behold.

    I have always said that Tom Brady's greatest strengths are cerebral.

    Decision making.

    I would say that he ~ as well as this Offense ~ is "back" to his unpredictably deadly 2004 ways.

    I would love to say that.

    But the truth is: The 2004 version of Tom Brady ~ the best we've ever seen till now ~ had nothing on this one.

    That's Crazy Talk...but it's true.
  5. RelocatedPatFan

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    If people aren't looking for Crazy Talk and homeristic prose, then they've shouldn't enter your threads. :D

    I'll have to go back and read the whole, thing...just skipped to the cliff notes of what you saw. BUT, as always, the work is greatly appreciated.
  6. The Gr8est

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    Why are you discriminating against other types of degenerates?

    Last edited: Nov 30, 2012
  7. Wax Frog

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    When I saw "degenerates", I was praying for more in the vein of foot fetishism and butt collisions; I'm pathetic :p
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2012
  8. KontradictioN

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    Nice write up on Wendell in particular. I do worry about his size and strength, like you. I worry about him against the Haloti Ngata's of the AFC. Last year, what I liked about Connolly at center was his core strength. I loved the way he held up against bigger NT's. Hopefully, Wendell is ready for the test. The first part of said test should be coming in the next two weeks against Houston and SF.
  9. Off The Grid

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    :eek: :ugh:

    I stand corrected, Brother Mo. :blush:

    All Degenerates are welcome...and greatly appreciated. :D
  10. Gwedd

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    Off The Grid:

    Great write up. I always enjoy reading them.

    You know, they remind me of Black Sabbath's "Snowblind" where Ozzy sings: "My eyes are blind but I can see......."

    Actually, I'm torn between listening to Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, or Black Label Society whenever I watch the Pats play.

    But I digress. I also agree about Wendell. I'm concerned because he seems tenuous there, although as you say he usually gets the job done. I also love Thomas and the way he's become competent and convincing at the OG position. He's reliable, and that's a good thing to have.

    This year, there ought to be a special award or recognition, though, for Dante Scarnecchia. That man is a football alchemist, turning what might be lead into gold on a weekly basis. He's just amazing and I'm not sure I can remember any other O-line coach who had the abilities that he quietly shows every single game. He should certainly, when he retires, be given a place of some sort in the Patriots Hall of Fame.

    Thanks again for another good column for us degenerates. :cool:
  11. Snake Eyes

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    'Hey Grid, that sure is a nice write up you got there...want to see my new watch?'

  12. ATippett56

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  13. signbabybrady

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    I think given the way the fans vote one guy in a year it will get real interesting to see how this all shakes out over the coming years as to who actually gets in and when. As it pertains to Scar I think there would be enough fans that appreciate what he has done right now to get him in but will we appreciate enough to vote him in over some of the key players that will be eligible over the next 15 years or so? Then after too much time has passed I am not sure there will be enough guys who know enough about him to get him in.

    I think as a few years pass and more and more of the dynasty era players become eligible that Kraft will have to do something to accomodate the surge. This might be just an exception for the obvious like not making the Fans actually have to vote in Bru and the like allowing a guy like Scar or some of the greats from the past not to have to compete with such a no brainer choice. Or it could be making two tiers of votes one on past era players and one on new era players (though this does little for Scar). Or maybe he just makes an exception for a 30 year Employee and puts Scar in himself.
  14. KontradictioN

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  15. The Gr8est

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    How about the NFL HOF? Yes, he IS that good.
  16. ATippett56

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    The alternative is a very weak 2013 NFL Draft class for offensive centers.

    NFL Draft - 2013 NFL Draft Prospects - -
  17. KontradictioN

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  18. Off The Grid

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    Well said, Sir. And thank you. :cool:

    I'd like to take a focused look at Connolly's Tape in the next few weeks, but I figure I'll wait until he's closer to 100%...and pray that he will be. But in any case: I'm with you, regarding his Core Strength and'is ability to hold'is own against the worst of the Beasts. I, too, would like to see'm return to Center.
  19. Mike the Brit

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    Very nice, OTG!

    I appreciate your analysis, your engagement and the way that you push our beautiful language to its limits. Shane "Ricochet" Vereen? Hmm... don't get it. But Uncanny Danny Woodhead ... good one!

    You may have noticed that Maestro Scarnecchia's Dancing Elephants Academy (there, you've got me doing it!) has a new member who appears to be a very likable guy:

    Video: Reiss one-on-one with Mitch Petrus - New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston

    and is also a metal band bassist:

    Mitch Petrus, rock star

    So, before I make him my official bubble-binkie, do you have any knowledge of his play?

    Many thanks.
  20. Gumby

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    OTG, I take a little bit of issue with the bolded part.

    repeated and rampant implementation of running the ball out of the no huddle seems accurate to me...............TO THE POINT OF PREDICTABILITY which makes the "nightmarishly unpredictable" part of your statement seem so WRONG to me.

    Every time I see them in a quick strike no-huddle I look for a back; if there it is a run; if not it is a pass. It seems like (my feeling with no tape study to justify it) that I am 100% on. How is that unpredictable. It has gotten so bad that the last 3 times I recall them doing it in red zone-whatever and gaol to go areas...... THEY HAVE BEEN STUFFED.

    Otherwise great stuff.
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