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    The Colts have the #2 scoring defense in the NFL (a spot conveniently vacated by the Redskins :D) allowing 14.6 ppg.

    We've played four defenses (DAL, BUF, SD, WAS) that have allowed between 14.7 and 18.3 ppg in games against teams besides the Pats (which equates to a Top 12 scoring defense). Those 4 teams have only allowed the opponent to score over 26 points in 3 out of 24 games they've played against other opponents and never allowed more than 35 points. The Pats average 44 points per game against those opponents and have scored at least 38 in all four games.

    The Colts have the #3 scoring offense.

    We've seen our defense hold the #2, #4, #6 and #8 scoring offenses to an average of 18 ppg and hold them all under their season average.

    The only top 10 offense Indy has played is Houston (#10, 22.4 ppg) and they allowed 24 points.
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