So, Who is Going to Show Up In Green Bay?

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PatsDeb, Nov 16, 2006.

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    The dominant, all business road team, or the lost flat home team? Not trying to be negative, just don't know what to expect. I've given up trying to predict what they'll do on offense (although during the games the last two weeks it seems all too predictable!). I've been bummed out this whole week, and am now trying to get myself up for this game. The Pats are my escape from the drudgery of life. When they play badly and everybody goes negative, life stinks. Then I think about how pathetic I am that I invest so much in football when a) there are so many other bigger problems in the world and b) I am just one of millions of long-distance spectators who can't do a damn thing about football, which is of course, just a game.

    So, do we dare hope that Vinny T. swooped in here and restored Tom Brady's confidence and swagger? What do you think will happen?
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    well I'm sure hoping for dominance.

    Green Bay has always been a tough opponent for us. I expect that we can win this game, but of course we'll have to play well and get some picks.

    I'd like to have 30 rushing attempts just to see what happens...that wham blocking is tight.
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    You are not the only one who places way too much importance on the outcome of the game everyweek. I think most of us here do the same.

    Looking for a good effort this week. The key is to cut down on the penalties and turnovers. We may have lost the last two games but we were in both despite playing like crap.

    Maybe get the lead for a change and force Favre to throw and force some balls into coverage? Let's hope we get the over the hill Favre this week and he turns the ball over 3 times.
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    Unfortunately, the NFL also places way too much importance on the outcome of the game too. They don't give you a "W" unless you win! I usually don't get so down. I was more concerned about the way the Pats "look" - like crap as you put it. The defense is actually playing okay; it's the offense, and particularly #12 that has me worried. After steady improvement against Buffalo and Minn. we inexplicably took a huge step backwards, at home and against two teams not known for stout defense (Indy an Jets) no less. That is why I am concerned about Green Bay. I agree getting up early and forcing Farve into one of his 2+ interception games will go a long way toward quelling my fears, but I'd like it even better if Brady got into a rhythm and came out on the winning end of a shoot-out.
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