Silver Lining: Winning w/out a huge turnover differential

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Fahrenhype, Oct 17, 2011.

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    One thing that worried me last season and certainly panned out in the playoffs was that so many of the Pats' wins were based upon Brady being as close to error free as a QB has been, and the defense forcing a lot of turnovers. Brady didn't have his best game against the Jets obviously, but he played better than Roethlisberger did, only to achieve different results.

    I re-watched the second half of today's (well yesterday by proper timezone) game and there were some ugly turnovers, very bad tackling (McCourty particularly) and passing plays that seemed out of sync, but there also seemed to be a good level of fortitude in not letting the game slip away just because a drive ended poorly. Unlike against the Bills, the defense got the job done when they needed to. Yes, Romo makes mistakes but it isn't like the Cowboys are some slouch team on offense. You could point to two or three plays that would have resulted in this being a 13+ point win if something stupid had not happened, but I am glad to see the team still possesses the resolve to pull out a tough win. A sloppy, penalty filled outing is something that could happen in January, and want them ready for that. I'm also glad they won a game that didn't require 31 points of offense or whatever the average margin was that they usually needed to offset the defense.

    Some ugly stuff that has to be worked upon, but a good win going into a bye week and a tougher portion of the schedule.
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