Seau's impact extends beyond his play ....

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by JR4, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. JR4

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    ... it also significantly raises the Team Chemistry quotient ... IMO.

    Consider his statement again:

    What are your thoughts about playing with Rodney Harrison again?

    “It was definitely a homecoming when I saw Rodney. There were hugs and joyful cheers when we met. We have a lot of respect for each other. Throughout the years it grew to both of us loving each other as people and players. We’ve definitely seen each other grow up

    The Seau effect:

    ... another significant Vet team leader
    ... Harrison psyched to be reunited
    ... Seau will be psyched not to let his old budy Rodney down.
    ... Bruschi psyched to play next to the all time PRO
    ... Vrabel and Colvin will be psyched to be part of a special LB group
    ... All D players will feel the effect of the above and respond

    Belichick has found ways in the past to raise the Chemistry quotient of
    the team.
    The loss of Willie was a downer ... but this has the potential to be
    a catalyst to get this team over the hump in terms of team chemistry.

    Anyone following this team knows how important team chemistry has
    been to the Championships that have been won.

    Could it be? ..... It's baaaack! :)
  2. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    Wow, that was a pretty quick turn around, JR4.
  3. JR4

    JR4 In the Starting Line-up Supporter

    ... turn around from what .....?
    ... from noting there was a weakness at ILB ... there was ...
    ... from noting there was a weakness at WR ... there was and there is
    and there is no Jackson at present on the field yet which was the
    main theme of that other thread.
  4. Pats726

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    I totally agree...having a hungry vet will help the chemistry on D..and with Rodney..they will step it up a few notches. I think very important and vital..and if he can play SOME..only will have a large impact! I don't think he or BB are looking at a LOT of fact if he can play some key 1st, 2nd down plays..stopping the run..THAT will be BIG!! I think he may have been injured more due to his wishing to play full out and more of the time..and the team wanting that as well..We shall soon see. As much as I do not like Seau, I have to hope that this will work and between leadership qualities, experience and play, it will make the D even better.
  5. BelichickFan

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    Yep. At worst this is the next Bryan Cox - hopefully without the broken leg.
  6. belichickaholic

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    I don't know, I'm very leery about this. The guy is 37 years old and has a history of injuries these past, what 4 or 5 years? You can't lead from the trainer's room.

    If he's out there for only a limited number of plays, he's not really leading his team either. TJ did that and I didn't consider him to be one of the leaders of the team. IMO, a leader has to be out there on every down, making plays, being vocal. A "constant" on the feild. Not "limited".

    And which young player does he knock off the team? Mincey? Woods? Roach? Alexander?

    I know everyone wants it to be Beisel, but what if it's not? These young kids have potential and now one of them is gone so we can bring in a player that has to be treated with kid gloves, so that he can lead the team from the sidelines??
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  7. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    Turn around from what?

    As it has been said in many other threads - Junior Seau doesn't automatically complete the Patriots and bring them from pretenders to contenders - or in your case, turn your overwhelming negative outlook to an overwhelming positive outlook. They were already contenders, and the Seau move just shifts the scale even more.

    You should have already been "turned around" quite awhile ago. In fact, I don't know what ever turned your outlook to negative in the first place.

    The equation isn't "Struggling against the division early" + "Junior Seau" = "Championship contenders."

    It is "Championship contenders" + "Junior Seau" = "Deeper championship contenders."
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  8. BradfordPatsFan

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    That is exactly how I am looking at it.
  9. JR4

    JR4 In the Starting Line-up Supporter

    Sorry, I can not follow you logic at all. It seems you are either
    on or off and there is nothing in between.

    I have never never never had an overall negative outlook to the PATs
    this season.
    I pointed out problems areas, which there are, but that in no way means
    I have ever thought the PATs wouldn't have a very good season. If they
    were perfect in all areas then I guess I might say 16-0.

    You infer that I thought they were pretenders and to that I call you out.

    Show me where in any of my satements I even suggested THAT!
    Come on don't whimp out ... go find it ... if you can ..or simply apologize for
    your unspported inference. :rocker:

    As other posters have pointed out pat1,
    " tend to take anything that isn't overwhelmingly positive as something that is overwhelmingly negative."

    Seau, IMO, helps one area of my concerns the ILB, IF Bruschi returns
    without problems and IF Beisel can contribute or one of the youg guys
    steps up. Seau can't be in there every down so there has to be other
    guys at ILB that rotate without a big problem.

    There is still the WR concern and even if Jackson comes back next week
    he still has a lot of catching up. Branch would help a lot but some say
    not until week 10. So where does that leave us. One injury away from
    a serious concern? I am am still concerned about the WR unit.

    So does that mean I think the PATs will go 4-12 .....Noooooo. :eek:

    Sorry if you can't take a little reality with your KoolAid. :(
  10. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    This is what you said when mind you, MEL MITCHELL went down with an injury:

    Now, please tell me what has changed since then to suggest your latest statement: (not that's it's false)

    It's like the Red Sox mentality. One night they're great and Theo is God, the next they're horrible and Theo's lost his touch - or never even had it.

    But in reality, things have never changed. The same goes with Belichick. Each move made by Beioli shouldn't raise/lower your sentiments. They are only affirmations of their successes.

    Another example of your sudden turnaround:

    And now today, everything is suddenly all back to normal since Seau was signed. In reality, it has always been fine.

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  11. JR4

    JR4 In the Starting Line-up Supporter

    Come on pats1 ....where is it?

    You inferred that I thought they were pretenders .... I call you out.
    where is it?

    I have had my concerns about aspects of this team that many thinking
    people have had and frustrated at times with ILB situation.

    But show me where I suggested or implied this team were pretenders?
    You CAN NOT!

    Guess what .... someone can have concerns but still think their team will
    do well...... I know this is a very hard concept for you grasp .... but if
    you think about it awhile ..... just maybe you can.

    In stead of dwelling on my statements about my concerns try to remember
    some of my positive statements like:
    "The thought comes to mind ... that ciritizing a player for a bad play here
    or there .... is inappropriate as no one except the PATs themselves know
    what was suppose to happen."


    about Colvin
    He ended up with 60 Tackles and 7 sacks. Considering there were about
    8 weeks when PATs ILBs were a mess, those are great stats and indicates
    he is back. If Bruschi and Vrabel had been the ILBs from the beginning
    of the year, Rosey may have been in the same catagory as Abraham, Porter, Peppers and even Feeney in terms of sacks.
    In terms of tackles He did get more total tackles last year than any
    of those I named above. Rosey is a force and very active.

    For a guy who is now doing as well as John Abraham how much more can
    be expected from him?"


    "The Warfield signing is a shinning example of the Patriots willingness
    to give players a second chance.

    I am very proud of my team the New England Patriots for their demonstrated
    willing to go the extra mile and give players a second chance. I'm sure other
    fans feel the same way.
    There was the so called malcontent Corey Dillion and the over the hill Rodney
    Harrision and other vets who were cast aside by there previous teams. Now
    there is Warfield, an alchoholic. This is a good thing and it warms my heart that
    my PATs have this character."


    "Maybe I am overreacting. But I am sitting here and the thought hits me that
    the PATs just grabbed two of the BEST Offensive weapons in the draft!

    To me this is like .... unbelieveable ... this just doesn't happen all the
    time does it? Am I dreaming?
    Then to think that one of those weapons droped to the 2nd round!
    Are PATs lucky or do we just have one of the greatest Front Office's ever!"


    I could go on but you are just up the creek without a paddle it you want
    to accuse me of calling this team pretenders.....never happend!
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  12. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    And when did I accuse you of calling them pretenders? It was completely implied when you started to drift down the "Pats need a good start...they could struggle against the big, bad Jets or Bills early" path.

    Regardless, where and when you said it is irrelevant.

    However, I find it very strange how your sentiments seem to change on the dime. If the Pats cut, say, Bruschi tomorrow, you'd probably be right back to proclaiming their downfall and questioning management. There's a reason for every move, and you need to realize each transaction is just another step towards the final destination - a plan - for the Patriots.

    A simple yay/nay sentiment would be fair if it was left at that. But it always seems you try to correlate the move with the overall long term success of the team - and that too is either yay or nay. So if you don't like a move one day, the team is doomed, but the very next day the team makes a move you like, the team is now a serious contender.

    That's all. Before I start sounding like a rambling theologian, there's a football game tonight I need to worry about.

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  13. JR4

    JR4 In the Starting Line-up Supporter

    I am really trying to be civil here but you make up things and insinuate false
    things by making satements that are just plain totally misleading,
    provocative and I believe intentionally done to incite a reaction.

    For example in your statement above you said about me I'm

    " .... right back to proclaiming their downfall "

    I again I call you out on this one ..... where in this huge message board
    of recorded posts .... did I EVER proclaim the PATs down fall?
    Where. .... this is just a plain false fabracation on your part.

    Then you say if I
    "don't like a move one day, the team is doomed,"

    When have I ever said the team was doomed

    I guess ACCORDING to pats1 if anyone expresses anything even a little
    negative about the PATs they are predicting their doom.
    You are being absurd about this.

    you say
    "your sentiments seem to change on the dime."
    That is absurd.
    if I say the ILBs are weak because ... you say JR4 said PATs are doomed.
    if I say the ILBs look better because ... you say now JR4 thinks PATs are contenders.

    Do you see the faulty logic you are using?

    You do this because, Again, as another poster has said and I really can't put
    it any better.

    " tend to take anything that isn't overwhelmingly positive as something that is overwhelmingly negative."

    I've had enough of you. I will not play your games any longer. Fabricate
    til you are blue in the face I will not respond to your absurdities any longer.

    I know where I stand. When I see something of concern I will express it.
    When I see something that is good I will express it.
    I agree you will get both sides of the coin from me as with other posters.
    Call us nay sayers if you wish but don't ever doubt our loyalty or our love
    for our team. If PATs don't do as well as we thought they would, we will
    still be here backing them.
    I don't expect agreement in my posts, some may ... some won't.
    This is what most posters do here.
  14. MrBigglesWorth

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    Seau's leadership is only as good as his performance. Otherwise if he sucks.... just make him a coach. Leaders lead through actions, not rhetoric. Play gets respect.

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