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Discussion in 'Fantasy Football' started by jmt57, Oct 31, 2008.

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    Just curious what other's thought about the following choices for this week's games. I have my choice of two running backs, between Ronnie Brown, Willis McGahee, Joseph Addai and Kevin Faulk. This league gives a point per reception and also gives more merit to yardage (one point per five yards gained via run, receiving, or punt returns) than touchdowns (the usual six points) than a typical league does.

    My first thought is that Ronnie Brown is a must start since the Dolphins are playing Denver, even though he hasn't done much in the last two games.

    Addai seems to be a high risk/high reward play this week. On one extreme he may return to his normal self with close to 100 yards from scrimmage; on the other extreme the Colts may be playing games and he may end up not even seeing the field.

    Faulk is much more of a sure thing, but he's going to split carries too. That leaves McGahee who is at Cleveland - and is now listed as questionable with an ankle injury - and has had only one good game all year.

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