Pats' remaining FA's: T. Brown, Flutie, Neal, Stone

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    It's been about 2 months from the season ended, and the field of 17 UFA's has been trimmed down to 4.

    Troy Brown - Michael Holley reports he is very close to re-signing with the Pats.

    Doug Flutie - Contemplating retirement?

    Stephen Neal - Is also reportedly close to re-signing.

    Michael Stone - Reportedly turned down a Pats' offer to test the waters of free agency.

    Also, Randall Gay, Gene Mruczkowski, Guss Scott, and Billy Yates have yet to officially sign their ERFA tenders.
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  2. Pats726

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    Interesting only a few left...I really hope Neal and Brown stay here..Brown I guess is ALL but official!!! Neal would be a solid guard for the team and has an upside, even at 30. Flutie??? The weird one is Stone...what is he waiting for??
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  3. Box_O_Rocks

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    A shot at a starting gig, look at the S depth on the roster, he knows he's a straight STs player here.

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