OT: Why did McDaniels hate Hillis so bad?

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by weswelker#83, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. weswelker#83

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    Why did McDaniels hate Hillis so bad? - Broncos Forums

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    Broncos forum
    Why did McDaniels hate Hillis so bad? - Broncos Forums

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    I don't really believe this story about hitting on McD's wife, but I don't necessarily disbelieve it, either.
  2. vyrago

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    "Just listening on The Fan ( Radio).

    Schelereth and Alfred Williams were just chatting about the whole Hillis soap opera.
    It was revealled what they say most of the players and people
    in the know have been saying all along.

    They say that the deal is...
    unkowingly, the single man about town Peyton Hillis...
    accidentily hit on the wrong woman.
    He unwittingly hit on Mrs McDaniels.
    Peyton Hillis “accidentally hit on McDaniels wife at some function.'"

    So what is meant by "accidentally" here? He was about to hit on someone else and she got in the way? He didn't know who she was when he hit on her?
    And what is meant by "hit on" here? He threw her down and jumped on top of her? He said something inappropriate?

    If it was as accidental and unwitting as this report makes it sounds, then McDaniels must be pretty insecure to ship this guy out of town just to show him (or Mrs. McD) who's boss. This sounds like junior high school stuff. Don't think I believe it.
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  3. satz

    satz 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    LoL , that is some funny crap.... he should take it as a complement.Its all hear say . he said ,she said. ESPN the gossip channel.

    From a football thing the guy has huge arms and a problem he will face will the size of the football does not tuck properly in his arm due to this making him prone to fumbles.Its is not something he can correct by changing this hold as to hold the ball in two hands means he cannot run as fast in that position.Bettis for his good running had that problem too [against pats the fumbles all happened when he is tucking the ball in 1 hand too]

    just saying.
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  4. #56300ex

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    Here, let me get that for ya

    She's not too bad although she does have that "mom hair" Maybe Hillis thought she was a hot cougar. Either way, I see this thread his heading straight to the practice squad.

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