OT: Did the Colts break a point differential record in the past month?

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Nov 23, 2009.

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    The Colts have won thier past 4 games by a TOTAL of 10 freaking points.

    A miss here or there and the Colts easily could have had a 6-4 record right now.

    To win by just 10 points total in 4 games has to be a record.

    I know the Patriots of 2003-2004 had many close games and won almost all of them but I don't think it was this little in point differential.

    The Colts seem to be ripe for the picking but no one has figured it the knock out punch yet,this trend can't continue without them losing soon unless they figure a way out of these tight games.

    A Flacco brain fart into double coverage cost his team yesterday,The Colts are an extremely intelligent team,you can't beat them by out-thinking them,you have to outplay them physically.
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  2. Satchboogie3

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    Team records only tell so much about a team. NO's expected win-loss is 8-2, NE is 7.9 - 2.1, and Indy is 7.8 - 2.2. The Saint's and Colts have gotten the lucky breaks while the Pats haven't.
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  3. mystrymaster

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    That is impressive to me. I do like winning the close games however I don't know if my ticker can take it much more.
  4. Rob0729

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    I never thought the Colts could go two years in a row getting outplayed by their competition and winning on fluke plays, poor decisions by their opponents, and last second wins; but they are. I think it will catch up to them in the playoffs if they don't turn it around, but they are still winning ugly.
  5. xmarkd400x

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    Peyton makes a big difference. He gets into the head of opposing coaches quite a bit, I think. I think in these close games, the fear that Peyton will rip off a TD drive is almost as big of an advantage as him actually doing it.
  6. patsinthesnow

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    All the colts fans are like, "19 straight wins, utter domination"

    A CBS announcer said, this team hasn't lost since october of last year.

  7. xmarkd400x

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    NFL records don't include postseason.

    The Pats' NFL records are for regular season wins, as well.

    I think it's tough. Do you include postseason stats? TB has had a lot more games to accumulate yardage than some of his peers, just because he has played a lot more games.

    To a certain degree, I think that while the (unofficial) win streak that includes postseason is more important, you can't deny that the Colts are threatening the Pats' record.

    Heck, you might even see 16-0 this year from them.

    The Colts are good. Nobody thought the Pats' were world beaters in '03 or '04 either.
  8. mystrymaster

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    Baltimore won a superbowl winning ugly :)A win is a win. But not every victory this years has been on poor decisions and fluke plays ;)

    That is the biggest weapon. Defenses change when they face him, they try to disguise so much and that can take them out of their own game plan.

    When they talk about that they mean the regular season, but not utter domination, consistently finding ways to win anytime.

    It is one thing to be given the ball with a chance to win, it is another to actually win. You guys have to look no further then the opening game of the season, You lost that game save for a boneheaded play to fight for 3 more inches. But Tom and Co. still had to put the ball in the endzone to win the game. Good teams win even when they shouldn't.
  9. patsinthesnow

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    I know records or just regular season, I was alluding to that the media and coltsfans forgot they did lose in january last year, which is most important game.
  10. Kid~Brady

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    This is true.... Colts havent really played anybody good. They shudda lost to us... And the ravens had them till the end....
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  11. ctpatsfan77

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    Does Canton have game balls from the Pats' 2006-8 streak?
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