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  1. BradfordPatsFan

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    I've heard it on ESPNnews and NFL-network tonight, "The Patriots get all the breaks at the end again."

    The Patriots got the breaks? Or did they make the breaks?
  2. DaBruinz

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    The Patriots MADE the breaks. They took this one by the horns and wrestled it from the Chargers, LITERALLY.
  3. wdkantro2

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    Winners make their own breaks. Losers don't make the plays when it counts.

    I hope they talk like this all week so we can go out good and angry against Indy.
  4. SVN

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    who cares what they say ?
  5. smg93

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    Just to add to this comment, Losers complain about someone else always getting the breaks.
  6. BelichickFan

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    Of course they make their breaks. For example the SD DB didn't fumble he was stripped.
  7. MrBigglesWorth

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    the gates catch and fumble was overturned...that went against them.

    colvins facemask was not a facemask.
  8. Krugman

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    Some one made a good point in another post,that the Chargers were running out of gas after swinging for the fences most of the game and not scoring enough.Props for the defence for keeping the Chargers to "only"21 points.The Bolts made a lot of trips into Pats territory and got nothing.
  9. Pats726

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    Did anyone notice a push in the back by Goff on LT's 2nd TD?? Can you push someone with two hands blocking in the back??? JUST curious...saw that clearly on replay...IF THAT is a penalty that was a BREAK as well...
  10. MrBigglesWorth

    MrBigglesWorth Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    i can't remember, buit i saw the briushi hold around the waste.
  11. Ian

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    The difference between this year's team and last year's team, is that they're back to making big plays down the stretch again, which something they didn't do last season during the playoffs. They beat themselves when it counted which is why they got knocked out against Denver. This year's team, despite having less talent at some positions, is playing better and coming up big when it counts. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don't make the big plays in the postseason you go home. They did it last week against the Jets, and after today it's also the main reason they're heading to Indy next week and the Chargers' season is over.

    But the better team MAKES big plays when it counts, they don't just magically happen. Get ready to listen to many of the experts try and justify the reason why San Diego lost. It will be even worse should they beat Indy next week.

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  12. TheBostonStraggler

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    I tend to believe the Patriots did get a couple balls to roll their way today. Guess what? SO WHAT! A bad break, a bad call, a dumb play, a key injury, a fluke etc etc. You get what you get through the game (mostly by your own play, some by chance, some by wrong penalty calls) and find a way to win within that context. The Patriots have had games where the ball bounced against us. So the Patriots stepped up and made an extra play or two or three to do what was necessary to win. Hey SD, stop the 2 point conversion, break up the Caldwell pass at the end, hold onto the interception, get your WR to get his second foot in. MAKE THAT EXTRA PLAY and win it regardless of what happened on the last play, in the last quarter.........
  13. PatsMyBoyz!

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    Bingo. That's what champions do. OMG between the Colts game hype and the SD whining, I don't think I can stand it.
    The sad part is,we just won a HUGE game-HUGE! Not only because we're one step closer to Miami but because the Chargers are a damn good team! I'm proud of the Pats for this win tonight,and figures the media would discuss this BS rather than just give credit to the 3 time SB Champions for knowing how to dig deep when they have to.
  14. italia44

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    If your going to use quotations,make damn sure you're accurate.

    This was NOT said on ESPN or the NFL Network,
    you're irresponslble for putting your personal slant
    on this.

    I repeat:DO NOT use quotes to represent "your"
    inference of what was said.

    It's imflammatory......and inaccurate.

    Shame on you.
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  15. sieglo

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    The Pats got jobbed on a few calls, plus a couple non calls, today. I didn't see many calls that were bad calls that hurt the Chargers. Maybe a missed holding, but there was the Mankins obvious non-hold that got called that would offset that anyway.
  16. Ghost of Ben Dreith

    Ghost of Ben Dreith Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    As soon as I saw the replay on Gates catch/fumble, I knew it would be overturned and wasn't even upset on it.....it was an incompletion....clearly. Easy call IMO.

    As to the rest of the game, I though the refs did a very good job today, and during the entire weekend in general. Very few PI calls all weekend and there were numerous that would have been called last year. They definitely made an adjustment. I thought they did a good job in letting the players decide the games.
  17. PatsFan-NH

    PatsFan-NH Practice Squad Player

    I thought so to. Last year there was all this talk of the refs being told about points of emphasis and watching team tape, so they would know what teams did. It seemed very much like telling them what to call, and who to call it on.

    There was such an uproar over all the games, but the NFL denied any problems. But there is a new commissioner, and he is already working with the players union to ban players from the pro-bowl when they get caught for steroids. Perhaps he also put the kibosh on the idea of activist refs who actually change the game. Of course those refs were sent out by a group in the offices who have an agenda. Very cool if Polian and his ilk have had their carte blanch canceled.

    And I also have to disagree about the remarks on the NFLN. The hosts and analysts have been very good about the Pats and the win. Properly respectful. I have been watching since the 5th quarter ended.

    Now they may have interviewed players who said stuff, but I tend to tune them out. I will say Trent Dilfer who is not a regular there, has been a bit snarky about the Pats. But god love Deion, he cut him down to size.

    They were talking about QBs for the next game, and of course Trent went for Peyton, and made the pick in a way that seemed insulting. So standing right next to him Deion, said (and I am paraphrasing) you needed to have someone as QB who has a Trent Dilfer capacity. Someone whose job it was just to maintain, and not to lose the game. What an insult.

    Have no idea about ESPN, haven't been watching.
  18. PatsFaninAZ

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    There's a pretty fine line between getting a break and making a break.

    On the 4th down, they GOT a break when SD intercepted the ball rather than batting it down or dropping it. In no sense did they make that break. Seconds later they MADE a break when Troy Brown stepped up with a heady play.
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  19. NYCPatsFan

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  20. PatsFan-NH

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    It was towards the end when all the men where standing up around a small glass topped table.

    I think it was aimed at Dilfer because (he was friendly to him at the start of program) of his love for Indy. Deion really doesn't like them, and he is pissed that they beat his team - the Ravens.

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