Number of Patriots in the All Pro Team: ZERO

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    Proof that the voters don't know squat:


    Shawn Andrews, Philadelphia, 23; Alan Faneca, Pittsburgh, 20; Steve Hutchinson, Seattle, 18; Will Shields, Kansas City, 11; Brian Waters, Kansas City, 8; Kris Dielman, San Diego, 6; Larry Allen, San Francisco, 4; Chris Naeole, New Orleans, 4; Mike Goff, San Diego, 1; Derrick Dockery, Washington, 1; Chris Snee, New York Giants, 1; Logan Mankins, New England, 1; Randy Thomas, Washington, 1; Stephen Neal, New England, 1.

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    Number of Patriots in the Probowl- ONE

    Number of Patriots and Pats fans who give a **** about the Probowl and All-pro team - ZERO
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    Belichick's philosophy has always been about team and not about individual stats. To say one team is better than another due to the number of players voted to the Pro Bowl is the ultimate in pretzel logic.
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    Amen. :rocker:

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