Not that bad for a rebuilding year.

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by QuinielaBox, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. QuinielaBox

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    The Patriots lost Charlie Wiess and Romeo Crennel to HC opportunities.

    Ted Johnson retired, Ty Law defected, Bruschi had has stroke.

    We lost Harrison, Light, Koppen and others due to injuries.

    Corey Dillon was not effective all year.

    Others like Seymour and Kevin Faulk were in and out of the lineup.

    That and we were presented with the toughest 1st half sked in the history of the NFL. We went 4 and 4.

    We improved as a team to the point where we had hope of going back to the bowl. But guess what, it maybe Pittsburgh's time to shine or it could be Dnever's. I am thinking Carolina will get it this year because they are truly an outstanding team. I saw that in week 2.

    Anyway, the Patriots will have more time to reload, we get Harrison back, I'd love to get Ty Law back here. Resign Seymour and keep adding through the draft. We need linebackers (Bobby Carpenter of Ohio St would be excellent), and secondary help. We are good and getting better on the lines. Brady can rely on a power running game next year.

    Ben Watson is coming up star in this league. That was an all time hustle play on Champ Bailey's INT last night.
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  2. Seymour93

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    I don't think you'll find a Pats fan on here claiming we have something to be ashamed of.

    Things are looking good for next season. We have a Jacksonville-esque schedule and Harrison & Co. returning from injuries. Another thing... Hobbs, Mankins, and Kaczur have a season under their belts. Let's hope they avoid the Randy Gay sophomore jinx.
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  3. The Gr8est

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    I agree with everything you said except for bringing back Law. Unless he takes what we are willing to pay we should turn the page...and I think we will.

    P.S. To make today perfect Mangini will turn down the Jets.
  4. RxJock1120

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    I totally agree

    This was not suppose to be our year, and if it wasn't for those 5 turnovers we could have definetly made it look like it was. Now we have some big questions to answer and try to rebuild this team. We are probably gonna lose Mangini, but he can be replaced. Seymour worries me more then anyone, we need this guy in a pats uniform for the next 5 years. I think the draft can be a great help in adding a good runningback, a strong safety to learn under Harrison for a year, and a linebaker to add some youth to the squad.
  5. The Gr8est

    The Gr8est In the Starting Line-Up

    Frankly, if it wasn't for Bailey's pick we probably would have won. Risky throw that Brady usually won't try to make.

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