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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by dales804, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. dales804

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    On my iPhone so hopefully the link is good. It's a nice video about BB's early life and about his dad.

    Video Hub - ESPN
  2. shmessy

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    That is awesome stuff, Dale. Thanks so much for posting that!
  3. TruthSeeker

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    Thanks so much for posting this. What a great man BB is, learned so much from his dad, and though he surpassed his dad in football accomplishments, you can see how much he idolized and loved his dad. For those BB haters, who think he's just a mean old curmudgeon, they need to watch this, you can really see the human side of BB, the tears in his eyes when he talks about his dad. He talks about tough love, and that's what BB haters see on TV, BB being tough on his players. But if BB haters watch this and A football life-the one where he is the Cleveland coach, and see how many successful college and NFL coaches and NFL GMs have come out of his coaching tree, and how many, to the man, say they wouldn't be where they are if it wasn't for BB, they wouldn't hate him. Just like Tom Brady, we will never be lucky to have a great coach like BB again. Enjoy it while it lasts ladies and gents.
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    Great find! Always good to see the infrequent focuses on his upbringing and how that shaped who he is as a coach. You can tell the man loves the game of football, and has loved the game for most of his life.
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    Video format or MIME type is not supported.:mad:
  6. dales804

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    Alternatively, you can find a link to it on Reiss' blog on ESPN Boston. It's titled "Belichick's Beginnings."
  7. Raymond

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    Thanks dale, I knew I could count on someone.

    New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston
  8. Jackson 2

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    Great piece. Thanks very much.
  9. Silver Blue&Red

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    Ol' Rexy is eating his heart out watching people fall all over themselves giving respect to BB. I love it. Hey Rex, respect is earned, not demanded.
  10. supafly

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    Thanks for posting, Dale.

    Not sure if anyone is looking for a great read regarding the life of Bill Belichick, but "A Football Life" is an awesome look into his early days, and references his dad and his entire career.

    It's a bit dry at times, and not quite as exciting as "War Room," or "Patriot Reign," but it's definitely in the same vein as the subject matter of this thread. Lots of good info on Belichick himself, how he got started, the influence of his father, etc.
  11. Lavictoire

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    Someday we will look back on these years as fans who were rarely blessed to watch a master coach turn a group of guys into winners every season.
  12. Patjew

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    Are you thinking of "Education of a Coach"? It's a Halberstam book, so of course it's fantastic.
  13. supafly

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    Forgive me, PJ. My apologies.

    Yes, of course--"Education of a coach."

    I just gone done watching "A football life" again on youtube (irritatingly broken into 5 parts), so I had it on my mind.

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