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    nice article by Tomase, about the consummate Pats coach, he has been here forever and is doing a great job with our O-line... he is also a heartbeat away from being the HC of the NEPats.

    “You little scumbag! I got your name! I got your (expletive)! You will not laugh! You will not cry! You will learn by the numbers. I will teach you.â€

    -Gunnery Sgt. Hartman,

    “Full Metal Jacketâ€

    FOXBORO - To the best of anyone’s knowledge, Dante Scarnecchia has never uttered the above on a football field. After all, he doesn’t believe in sugarcoating.

    Take a recent training camp scene. Incensed that a tackle couldn’t grasp a line drill, Scarnecchia blew the play dead.

    “This is the guard!†he bellowed. “This is the center! Don’t (expletive) up my drill! Do it right next time!â€

    Scarnecchia turned beet red. He jabbed a finger in the perpetrator’s facemask, searching for just the right words to convey his anger. None came.

    “(Expletive) you!†he finally stammered.

    In the world of the NFL, this is known as tough love. And no one is tougher on or loves his players more than Scarnecchia, now in his 23rd season with the Patriots and once again working his magic on an offensive line playing beyond the sum of its parts.
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    Great article by Tomase again! Got to love Scar, he simply does it the old-fashion way! We're so fortunate that he's made NE his home.

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