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    1. The importance of Tom Brady to this team cannot be understated. His ability to make clutch plays at important times over the years has been a keystone to our offensive success.

    2. The offense is set up for Tom Brady. Managing games with the offensive weapons we have just doesn't seem to cut it at this point. It's pointless having them if you don't use them mentality. To my eye, it appears we are far to conservative on play calls, all round.

    3. The O-Line was found out by the Giants pass rush, with the tackle pushing straight and collapsing the pocket in SB42, every defense seems to be able to control our O-Line now. This is the single most important aspect of gaining effective offense. I don't blame Cassel for this at all.

    4. Cassel is holding on to the ball far to long. He takes some time to make reads and during that time, the O-Line has collapsed culminating in sacks. This is a double edged sword as Cassel holding onto the ball to long allows pass rushers through. That said, if the O-Line was doing it's job, Cassel would look like a million dollars.

    I'd love to see Cassel given the chance to just make it happen. Play without restriction and see what happens. He's got the weapons to utilise, why not fire the sky up and see what happens. 3 and out, big deal. Atleast he was given and opportunity to win a game. I soley put this down to conservative play calling. It was clear early Brady could manage a game early in his career, but he had a 'presence' about him early.

    5. I don't know what to make of the D. Same old adage. Bend but not break mentality... however we are breaking more often than not. The corner's simply give up to much of a cushion with the receiver. It's bloody frustrating to watch. This has been the mentality of the last few seasons, however we no doubt are missing Asante. He's a playmaker. Sure he gets burnt, but he also makes thing happen.

    Losing Brady for the season hurt the D massively. Teams had to make plays against our D last year just to maintain contact with us. This forced the issue and our D was able to bend not break.. even make some big plays themselves.

    6. Ranting about the D, I'm also prepared to give a little pain for long term game. Wheatley is in his first year. I don't expect him to be a star. He's learning the system and that is all that can be asked.

    7. Blessed with success, you become accustomed to it. Last year we were absolutely blessed with it. The greatest home and away season ever played, 30 seconds away from perfection. The year before that we were 12-4 and in 2005 we were 10-6. Don't put this hate on Cassel's shoulders. Put in on poor team execution.

    8. I may not be a Pats fan for as long as many on here. I may not be as educated about football (I'm Australian) as many on here, but what I do know is, ranting about personnel change and singling out players achieves nothing. Time and time again, team sports place the emphasis on the team. BB has been massive on people doing their jobs. Clearly there are those not doing their jobs, but it is the collective, not the singular.

    9. Go Pats.
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  2. Teams suck from time to time, it happens. Injuries also occur. I don't think BB knows this but the defense has been in transition since '05. The problem is, the only two players that Belichick has added are Mayo and Thomas. To only add two players in three years on defense is pathetic. The defense will never get better until BB swallows his pride and adds talent in LB's and DB's. I hope someone tells him that he's schemes will never work until you have athletes that can execute them.
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