MVP of the game....HMMMM Tough one

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Nov 7, 2006.

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    My weekly MVP of the game is going to be a tough one,especially since we lost and noone really looked all that good for the Patriots...Since Manning,Sanders and Marvin Harrison are NOT on our team I will have to pick as Patriots MVP player of the game.......................Laurence Maroney...The only semi bright star in this game - only the problem was he did not get the ball enough to truly show his stuff,but after looking deep into our play on sunday night from both sides of the ball,Laurence seemed to be the only player making some decent strides despite Sanders repeatedly coming from nowhere to grab him down when the entire Colts D-Line could not stop him too well-Also he deserves praise for the field position we had most of the night,when he ran back the kicks I don't think we were any worse than at our own 35 or 40.​
    If I had to give a runner up award beleive it or not it would be - Mike Wright - The big guy when on special teams,came from way back to tackle that Colt run back on the Pats punt kick which would have been a Colt TD if not for the amazing speed and proper leg tackle of this young DE,that was a fine play.​
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    id say Seymour? got good pressure consistently. i was gonna say colvin but bonehead
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    Junior Seau.

    The person I feel worst for after this debacle was him. He very clearly is playing with 110% of his heart and ability, and the rest of the team did not even come close to matching him. How many guys can you look at from Sunday's game (at least from our side) and say that for sure?

    It's too bad he's only with us for a year or two, I'd love to have him as one of our all-time greats.

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