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Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by SVN, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. SVN

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    said on nfl network that freeney and mathis indoors on that turf will be more dangerous than phillips and merriman in san diego...

    Now i dont want to be a homer and say it may not happen but to give facts like this which are just an opinion is what all these media guys come thought of what BB will do help their O line or brady will do ...brady will just sit back and wait for the colts DE's come and our o line will just let rush since they are at home....

    we should collect all the analysts talk both pro and against the pats and put them up ..should be a good laugh
  2. MrBigglesWorth

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    ya except the colts don't have jamal williams and cato june is the size of a safety.
  3. hwc

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    Seems like the analysts are forgetting that the New England Patriots are a turf team. We play on the same surface as the Colts -- Field Turf.
  4. SoonerPatriot

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    Here's the sack total Indy had on our carpet in Nov. 6 game: 0
  5. SVN

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    actually we didnt have a 'carpet' for the indy game but brady was pressured for sure
  6. SVN

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    now schelerth says one i mean no one can block dwight freeney one on one for 40 plays
  7. SoonerPatriot

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    You are correct. They did have 2 sacks on Baltimore's carpet. Freeney had zero tackles. Mathis had 1 sack. I do remember the pressure. But I don't remember it being anything like what SD brought last Sunday or what the Fins brought in their 21-0 win over us.
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  8. Kdo5

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    Keep the bandwagon for the Colts going, add more members. It just gets better every minute :D
  9. denverpatsfan

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    I thought Merriman was THE BEST defensive player the Pats have seen ALL SEASON according to the pundits. NOW Freeney is THE BEST PLAYER.

    I'm confused!

    You can't have it BOTH WAYS!!

    Actually it is looking like Jason Taylor is the BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER the Pats have faced all season.

    ESPN, NFL etc. is driving me NUTS.

    The Pats need to win just to shut them up!
  10. SVN

    SVN Hall of Fame Poster

    jason taylor is very savvy and experienced with skills...freeny is great but just has one move and always on one comparisons
  11. Ghost of Ben Dreith

    Ghost of Ben Dreith Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Is this Adam Schefter? If so....who cares what he thinks? I don't know of any actual NFL experience he has. Wasn't he a Wal-Mart greeter a couple of years ago? I liked him when he was telling us the league gossip and little update tidbits....but an analyst....please give me a break.

    If he does have NFL experience, disregard most of the above paragraph except for "if so....who cares what he thinks?". That is still valid.
  12. TruthSeeker

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    Didn't Jarvis Green and Ty Warren each have more sacks than Freeney this year ? I think Freeney had 5.5, same as TBC (I guess the media thinks nobody can stop Tully Banta-Cain). The Colts as a team had 25 all season, and 2 in 2 playoff games. Not exactly the Steel Curtain or Purple People Eaters. P.S., They allowed 15 sacks all season, and 5 in the two playoff games. Stats don't mean Freeney WON'T have 4+ sacks this weekend, but he certainly hasn't been the threat Merriman and Phillips were with San Diego.

    It's interesting that the media is in love with the Colts defense when the Pats have the best defense left in the playoffs. The Pats gave up 237 points (14.8 a game) all season, and the Colts gave up 360 (22.5). the Colts scored 427 (26.7) and the Pats 385 (24.0). The Pats have really picked it up on offense the last 5 games (all wins), playoffs included, scoring 145 points (29.0), while giving up 88 (17.6). Also, the media forgets that despite playing terrible, the Pats gave up 21 points to the top offense in football (SD).

    I give credit to the Colts for tightening up on defense, but KC backed into the playoffs, and offensively are pretty one dimensional when Larry Johnson is stopped. KC actually finished in the middle of the pack as far as points scored in the AFC. Baltimore was much improved offensively, and gave up the least points in the NFL, so that makes that victory more impressive.

    I'm not saying there is no way Indy can beat the Pats, just saying the Pats have a chance to beat this dreaded Indy defense.
  13. Why are almost ALL of the NFL "guru's" NEVER giving the Pats ANY cred????

    Are they all phucking inane?
  14. SoonerPatriot

    SoonerPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    As a side note, Baltimore was 25th in rushing offense this year. Thoroughly unimpressive.
  15. Kdo5

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    The more I see this Schefter weasel, I wanna punch him in the face...
  16. alamo

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    Problem is, "thoroughly unimpressive" could also describe our own rushing offense lately. Not so much Dillon and Faulk as Moroney, who has disappeared. This is something the Patriots would do well to remedy Sunday.
  17. TruthSeeker

    TruthSeeker Supporter Supporter

    Maroney is playing like a bully who has finally been beaten up, very meekly. When he is going well, he explodes through the hole. Though the injury may have something to do with it, after the Cincy game, I did not see the Maroney of old. I actually don't think we've seen the Maroney of the Minnesota days as well. Kinda strange, but he certainly doesn't seem explosive. Our run blocking may be the problem as well.
  18. Oswlek

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    NE's "thoroughly unimpressive" rushing offense the three games prior to the Chargers game:

    Jets - 145 yards in 34 carries - 4.3 ypc
    TN - 154 yards on 26 carries - 5.9 ypc
    Jax - 86 yards in 20 carries - 4.3 ypc
    * totals only include RB carries.

    If that is thoroughl6 unimpressive I guess only LDT actually cracks the "decent" plateau. Don't get too swayed by the fact that NE opted not to run against SD.
  19. Oswlek

    Oswlek Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Considering that there is no statistical evidence of Freeney and Mathis' superiority, I'm not really sure how anyone could come to that conclusion.

    Also, aside from Jason Taylor, when has NE ever been beaten because of pressure on the outside? Even in the past game, the times that Brady was most under siege was when one of the DTs burst through the line. In the two games earlier this year that the blitz killed NE, over 70% of the blitzes where up the middle after the NE OL had picked up their assignment. Indy does not rush the passer well from the DT position, so this is a major edge to NE even if we assume Freeney and Mathis are better than Merriman and Phillips.
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  20. Pat the Pats Fan

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    I think we can negate the quick rushing of Freeney with traps and draw plays.

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