Middle of the field 0- TEs, Slot WR and Runnning backs

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    Damn it, I had this whole thing typed out and then I got distracted and closed by browser. Now I have to start over.

    A lot of Indy's defense is built around having two safeties deep to cover the WRs. This minimized the big play from outside WRs but should open up the middle. I expect Welker, Faulk and Maroney to get a lot of passes. Just curious how much our lack of depth at TE will hurt? it seems like the game is tailor made for Watson, Brady is a little banged up leaving Rivers as the only true TE.

    Does this change the gameplan? do the Patriots use more 4 WR sets? or send O'Cal in as a TE for some 2 TE sets?
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