Man the Donk Dolts have stacked my dead 2 me list

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Michael, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. Michael

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    We've put up with a lot of trolls here, but the Donk fans brought it to a new low of stupidity and just plain ignorance.

  2. Captain Cliche

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    The most fans on the planet. If they lose their next game, the National Guard will have to air-drop crates of Prozac over Denver.
  3. CheerforTom

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    I didn't think LiquidBlue was so bad, he said something about not coming back until the frustration had past so he could talk about the game objectively... then again maybe he didn't, I wasn't REALLY paying attention... and he did have Bailey in his sig... :D
  4. LiquidBlue

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    Yes I did say that, and as promised, I'm back. Now I may not be on here constantly, but that is clearly because I will be on my own board where I had a run-in with the Mike guy or whoever he is that started this thread.
  5. LiquidBlue

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    Oh and by the way, you sure do make one big damn deal about that ignore list of yours. Which you also seem to remove me and re-put me on it every few posts?

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