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Keys to winning sunday vs. Cincinnati

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Sep 27, 2006.

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    The 6 things we MUST do to perfection to beat one of the elite teams in the conference this sunday...... 1) Run the ball more than usual and win time of possession by a landslide...You don't want that Bengal offense on the field more than the Pats,despite needing Brady to get in synch with the receivers with tons of throws that is not the soultion here and can wait another game,I would rather see a grind em out clock killing 2 1/2 hour game...... 2)When Brady does pass he needs much better protection and some unique plays to keep the Bengals D-line off balance...If there was one play I thought was a good call by McDaniels on sunday it was the flea flicker..It did not work but was something you rarily see from New England and was a bit refreshing from the norm,Denvers defense was very good ALL game and I don't think they will be beaten by flea flickers too often this year by ANY team so the failure was not so bad...... 3)Chad Johnson is coming off a poor performance last week which means he will be pumped up in front of the home crowd to look good...We need Hobbs on him, (I assume its ellis's job here) tight without giving up that stupid 5 yard cushion that we were giving last sunday or he will destroy us and when he does grab a catch,Harrison is hopefully there to remind us of his former hard hitting self ...... 4)We need turnovers in this game PERIOD!..I do not think we can beat these guys without forcing at least 2 fumbles or interceptions or a combo,The final stats of the turnover battle in this game will be seen as a big positive from the winning team,definately...... 5)Do dink and Dunk passing when we need to pass,with our running game hopefully back to its 150+ yard game we won't need to pass but when we do I think a simple 5-10 yard out pattern to Faulk and Watson much of the game is the way to go and keeps the chains moving and Brady's shoulder from falling out..We don't need 50 yard bombs to win this game...... 6)Mr. Gostkowski just kick the damn ball at least up in the AIR and higher than Billy Barty's head, 3 points may make a difference in this game....At this point if you don't make the FG with a solid effort involved,Im actually saying its not such a horrible thing but seeing it pass thru or at least NEAR the uprights is already a positive thing and a start,give us at least that much PLEASE!!...Get another blocked and well we all know where you will be monday-not with us im sure...... Well Thats what I see as the 6 most important things this weekend..I did not mention our D-Line performance because I think they will be fine as usual.
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    May 6, 2006
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    The running game will be huge here. I think Belichick will treat the Bengals high powered offense like he treated the Colts during the 04 and 05 playoffs. The more we keep Carson, Rudi and Chad off the field the better. Our secondary will definitely be tested with the Bengals top 3 recievers.

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