I just browsed future schedules...

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  1. Sean Pa Patriot

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    I know this yr we have that stupid China trip... but if you want to talk about a bad road schedule.. 2008 Trips to Oakland, San Fran, San Diego and Seattle... Ouch...:eek:
  2. denverpatsfan

    denverpatsfan PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    Yes, which makes this years loss all the more painful. It's going to be VERY tough the next couple seasons to even make the playoffs never mind win it all.
  3. Sean Pa Patriot

    Sean Pa Patriot Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

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    Thank you very much, you have to take every opportunity you get.. 4 trips to the left coast??? UGH.............
  4. Seymour93

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    Get 'em out of the way in the regular season. Besides, two of those games should be fairly easy.
  5. TomBradyWoot

    TomBradyWoot On the Game Day Roster

    As long as none are back to back and they are spread out, I don't see this as a problem.
  6. denverpatsfan

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    Only good thing is that I will have 4-options for a road trip to see the Pats play in one of those cities.
  7. Michigan Dave

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    Seriously? This year's loss hurt for sure- any chance you have to get to the SB that's blown is tough- but struggling to make the playoffs? I think this team will be contending for several years now. I definitely wouldn't go that far.
  8. chris_in_sunnyvale

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    Bad for the Pats, but good for me! I've already prepped my wife for the two road trips to Seattle and San Diego in 2008. The other two games are local :rocker:

  9. carolinatony

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    You still play em one at a time.
    By the way; anyone going to Phoenix next year?

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    February 3, 2008
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  10. RIP#40

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    All they have to do to make the playoffs is win the AFC East. Have you looked at their schedules? Playoffs, yes. 1st rd. bye, problem.
  11. PATRIOT64

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    I bet NEM will be there - Right in his backyard...Watch out tailgaters!!
  12. LA_Rams_Fan

    LA_Rams_Fan On the Roster

    Unfortunately y'all have benefitted from some of the softest schedules in the league (thru your SB runs), & next yr. probably won't be any different.:mad: Miami & Buffalo give you a combined 4 wins a yr. virtually guaranteed. And no I realize you blew it in Miami this yr. But Saban won't be around next yr. to record your game from the previous week, & play back the signals for his defense.:p Cleveland also is a guaranteed win, & you shouldn't even be allowed to play them after being in the AFC Championship. While on paper next yrs. schedule might look tough? Pittsburg has a new coach, so there's no telling what Steeler team will show up. Same goes for the Cowgirls, who just might implode w/out Parcells. The DEADskins are done, & your pattys should roll over their corpse. Depending upon what time of the yr. you play the Giants? They might have already revolted on Coughlin, so that should also be an easy win. The Bungles, Dolts, Bolts, Ravens, & maybe the Beagles will be some tough games. And Mangenius w/ the Jets will hopefully give y'all fits.:D So even though I'd love to say otherwise, I'm thinking you'll finish 10-6 next yr. or maybe 11-5. Unfortunately primed, & in perfect position to win your 4th SB.
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  13. denverpatsfan

    denverpatsfan PatsFans.com Supporter PatsFans.com Supporter

    You sir are insane! They actually have computers at the "home"?

    Do you have internet access underneath the bridge you live under?

    This just in... They are not the LA Rams anymore.
  14. TomBrady'sGoat

    TomBrady'sGoat 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    I guess the '08 schedule will be the price paid for years like this one, where the farthest west they went was to where, minnesota? it's just crappy that they have to play the afc and nfc west the same year, but then again the whole division does.
  15. richpats

    richpats Banned

    Yeah, that's all that the Pats have been doing the last 2 years. No HFA, no bye, just expecting to win it all out of the #4 spot. This needs to improve in 2007 or the Pats will be due for another playoff meltdown, which if anybody has noticed is becoming the trend.

    Sorry, that post reeks of "troll" but that's my unbiased opinion.
  16. LA_Rams_Fan

    LA_Rams_Fan On the Roster

    Thank you thank you, but flattery will get you nowhere I assure you. No matter how nicely you might speak of me, I'll never like your pats & that's final. As to your last statement? If you clicked on the link in my signature for The original Guarantee? You'd see where I was introduced as LA(Louisiana)Rams fan. So it's a play on words there Ace, & I am in fact a "LA" Rams fan.:cool: Where instead of referring to Los Angeles I'm referring to the abbreviation of my state. Clever huh?;) Ya well I didn't expect you to agree. But honestly there's always a few nimrods every few months, who mention it or try to make fun of me about my name.:p At which time I politely explain it, & get to enjoy the egg slowly rolling down their face.:D
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  17. upstater1

    upstater1 Pro Bowl Player

    Look at the Jets and Bils records, and then tell me we're in a weak division.

    And realize that when we were going 14-2 and winning 21 games in a row, we lost to the Bills that season. And we lost to the Dolphins the prior season.

    And our record against the Jets isn't pristine either.

    You're in a sorry division. I wouldn't talk about ours.
  18. Fanfrom1960

    Fanfrom1960 In the Starting Line-Up

    Oakland and Seattle? Remember that SF is the one that bounced Denver out of the playoffs, in Denver. They also beat Seattle, in Seattle. SF might be on the way back. Besides, it's '08, and a lot can happen betrween now and then. First time ever four trips out here in one season for the Pats?
  19. LA_Rams_Fan

    LA_Rams_Fan On the Roster

    Oh I'll avoid ripping on that "streak" of yours, since I'm in enemy territory here. But IMHO it was directly due to that soft division, & those easy schedules. And I'll also forego my reasoning as to why you lost the Bills that yr. & the fins this yr. Suffice it to say if y'all had been battling the Dolphins & Bills of the 90s the last few yrs.? You wouldn't have won 3 out of 4 SBs, as the competition would've been much more fierce IMHO. J.P. Losman is no Jim Kelly by any stretch of the imagination, & McGahee is no Thurman Thomas of course.

    And please don't get me started on my own division, it just hurts too much. Thanks to YOUR #%@##$@%%#$ Patriots of course, our dynasty was over b4 it ever got off the ground. Then I got to watch Martz implode the GSOT, instead of keep the nucleus together like your #@#$@@#$ Bellichick has managed to do. The ONLY reason why the Seabrats even MADE the SB last yr., & have won the division for the last 3 yrs straight is bc it's the worst in the league. They won it in 04, but yet we managed to beat them THREE straight times that yr. So were the Seabrats the REAL 04 Division Champions? I think not!!! So the West is the WORST by far, & that's really saying something when you consider the NFC North. But it doesn't change the fact that your division is a close cousin of my own, & it has had it's share of dreadful teams over the last 6 yrs. Which coincides ironically w/ your SB runs.:mad: Coincidence? I think not!!!
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  20. BelichickFan

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    A Rams' fan complaining about our division ??? Huh ?

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