Humor: Foxborough police blotter

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    FOXBOROUGH, MA (Rooters) -- Foxborough police were dumbfounded when they were received a call reporting multiple assaults at Gillette Stadium Sunday evening.

    "It was really weird," said one policeman, who did not wish to be identified. "There were over 50 guys, all beaten up."

    Dazed Chargers players had a hard time putting together sketches of their assailants. The police described the assailants as a gang of about 50 men, mostly in their 20s and 30s, dressed in similar uniforms, except for their leader, whom they described as a man in his 50s in a hoodie. A number of the assailants were especially vicious: one unnamed victim described a short man wearing a shirt with the number 83 and a tall man wearing number 81. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers cited another tall man wearing number 59.

    According to the unnamed policeman, he could hear one Chargers player, who had to be placed under sedation, say something about "accepting his new Patriot overlords."

    Foxborough police note that the MO seems suspiciously similar to a home assault reported in Buffalo, NY, last fall, and a reported arson in Cincinnati. They also note that the assailants are armed and dangerous.
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    There's also a rumor that a similar assault might take place this Sunday at 1:00 p.m. Foxboro police will have extra EMTs standing by.
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    The Pats better watch their backs playing the Bills. Even though he was arrested, O J was released. The Juice is loose!

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