Home Field Dis-Advantage so far

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    With 4 games of the playoffs in the books we can see that home field was of little help as 3 of the 4 games was won by the visitor.

    Other than a week off with rest in Pittsburgh,New England,Atlanta and Chicago,how much of a factor will Home Field really help this week?
  2. strngplyr

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    I think homefield advantage helps more when you're a northern cold weather team like the Bears and Pats. I don't buy into dome-field advantage apart from the noise, other than that both teams play in near perfect conditions. I think the Pats playing in the below freezing temps they live in is much more of an advantage when teams like the Dolphins have to come play in it and be miserable compared to battling the noise of a dome.

    edit: and to answer your question if I think it will help, I don't think it will be as huge against the Jets as it would be vs the dolphins or Jags or some warm cozy texas or dome team, but I think it will be an advantage because Sanchez is afraid of the place for some reason. Even though we only have 2 samples of him to look at here he has been beyond terrible in his 2 games at the razor. Something surely bugs him about it, and i'll call that an advantage for NE as long as it lasts.
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  3. patchick

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    I think wildcard weekend is unique that way, because the home teams routinely have worse records than the visitors. In fact, the weekend's only true upset was the game the home team won.
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  4. j_r_b

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    And how funny that that one win is by a 7-9 afterthought against the defending champs?

    With that said, I certainly feel "better" that the Pats play this game at home, versus NY. Still, I'm not as confident about the game as some on this board.
  5. PatsChamp88

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    Well let's see... The better teams were away and won with the exception being the Saints but Seattle plays way better at home. I expect New England to excel at home as usual!
  6. Ice_Ice_Brady

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    NJ Jets (11-5) over Indianapolis (10-6)
    Baltimore (12-4) over Kansas City (10-6)
    Green Bay (10-6) over Philadelphia (10-6)

    Seattle (7-9) over New Orleans (11-5)

    You can also look at it that three teams with the better (or tied) record won, with one upset. Oddsmakers put Indy -1 by kickoff and KC +3. If you think about it, both teams not only played in pitiful divisions, but they still only won 10 games in their pitiful divisions.

    I thought Seattle over New Orleans, at least as far as the point spread, was one of the "lock picks" of the year. Suppose you don't know the teams, and an 11-5 team goes on the road to play a 7-9 team. What's the spread? 4? 5? This spread was waaayyyy off; I thought the Saints would win a tough game, but I wasn't as shocked as the rest of the sports world that Seattle won.
  7. Disco Volante

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    Mark Sanchez (Foxboro Stats)
    25/54 (46.2%)
    1 TD
    7 INTs
    15.1 QB Rating
  8. coolguy

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    And rex ryan has never won at foxboro and the last time lt was in the playoffs against the pats he couldn't take off his helmet.
  9. andrewgarrr

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    Agreed 100%
  10. Fahrenhype

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    Bingo. Mediocre division winners are the story here. It isn't going to be "home field dis-advantage" if the eerily possible scenario plays out where the Packers stomp the Seahawks in the NFC title game.
  11. Amnorix

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    Home field advantage is still an advantage, but the reality is that the Wild Card teams were by and large better, substantially better, than those 3 and 4 seed division winners.

    IIRC, the next round is historically won by 75% of the hosting teams. The combination of a week off and HFA and being a top 2 seed generally meaning that those teams ARE the best, means that they almost always win.
  12. Dutchmaster617

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    His QB rating is actually 30, and YPG is at 150. I don't see him topping a rating higher than 70 this weekend to be honest.
  13. PatsSox363804

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    As has been said, all of the wildcard teams had better records than the division winners they played so I don't think anything can be read into this past weekend with regards to home field advantage.
  14. PatriotsInGA

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    I don't think the Pats have ever lost a divisional or conference championship game at home under BB correct? I think the closest one was the Oakland game or the Tennessee game (Both divisional games). That being said, if they can beat the Jets, the past shows that the AFCCG should be somewhat of a breeze.

    Then again, we don't play in the past :D
  15. TheGodInAGreyHoodie

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    An 11-5 team beat a 10-6 team
    A 12-4 team beat a 10-6 team
    A 10-6 team beat a 10-6 team.

    Shock of shocks.
  16. pherein

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    I wouldn't worry to much about it. We had a injury problem something N.E. dosnt suffer form. We had no more TE's or RB's left. Evans came in as a TE in the 3rd, and shockey,jj,davis,bush left. I don't see that happening to N.E. Your pretty healthy. I see very little chance the Jets can beat N.E. at home, even if woodchip does not play.
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  17. Rob0729

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    As other have pointed out, wild Card weekend is the weekend of upsets and visitors getting wins. Just because you win the division doesn't mean you are better than either wild card team.

    In the division round, the home team are always the two best teams during the regular season. Therefore there are fewer upsets.
  18. PatsChamp88

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    Yeah this season has been pretty good to us... I know those injuries really started stacking up for you guys when the playoffs rolled around which made you rely on Drew even more but I think the defense was a bigger let down.
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  19. D-Money

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    I think one of these home teams might lose.I just hope its not us.:mad:I think the packers can beat the falcons but i dont think it will happen.The seahawks will beat the bears.:cool:
  20. PatsFanInVa

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    Any team can win any game. That's the NFL.

    The Pats are a better team, going into the game. That's just reality. If someone offers to bet on the Jets without taking points, well, in terms of pure probability, of course you take that bet.

    The wavefront collapses Sunday, gentlemen. Until then, we are merely very likely to win.
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