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    Hey guys, what's up? New member here, I'm a Chiefs fan through and through, no question. I put them over everybody else in the NFL. Got season tickets and go to every home game. But I got a little love for the Pats deep down too. I know there's the 30 post count rule before starting a thread over in the FF board, but I gotta have a question answered before Sunday.

    I've got 2 Patriots receivers Branch and Tate. Branch is projected at 3.20 points while Tate is projected at 14.20 points. Since I'm not up on the Patriots receiver situation, I figure the best way to get up on the situation would be with other Pats fans. So what's your guys opinion of the Branch/Tate situation in NE? Is Tate really going to see playing time over Branch, or will they share the workload? More importantly, who do you think's going to be the most productive not only against SD, but for the rest of the season?
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    I'll re-post your question in the FF forum for you, hopefully you'll get some responses shortly.

    Oh yeah:
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    @JMT Thanks Bro! I'm rootin for the Pats against SD this sunday. I absolutly dispise the Chargers. I hope to see Rivers laid out on the turf all day long.
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    #91 Jersey

    Branch by far as long as he stays healthy

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