Hello from the UK / tailgate advice

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    Hello from the UK!

    Lifelong patriots fan and a present from my wife for my 30th was to come to Foxboro and watch the Pats in November against the colts! I can't wait! We have visited Boston 2 years ago for our honeymoon but as we had to book it well in advance, when the fixtures came out, unfortunately they were @jets so missed out.

    Couple of questions if anybody can help:
    1) ive heard a lot about tailgate party over there but being from the uk we have nothing like that on any sporting occasions. Do you need tickets or can you just rock up? What's the script?
    2) we are staying for 1 week in Boston and noticed pats are @jets on thanks giving. Will there be places showing the game in Boston? Heard most places are closed during thanks giving? Any advice on where to watch it?

    Thanks in advance for any advice, can't wait!!

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