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Discussion in 'New Member's Area' started by dogdoctor, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Per the namesake, yes I'm a veterinarian. I have been on the waitlist since Feb, 2004 just before they won their second Super Bowl. I figured I better get on the waitlist before they won the second time or I'd never get to see any seats. Well I did that while living in California and finally have now moved back home to NE. So like many, I've been a fan since I was kid. I lost touch with the sport, actually most sports, until college again, and have been an active fan ever since. When I finally moved back to NE, I decided to update all my info, and low and behold the waitlist had become "THE LIST" lol. And all these years due to email changes, etc., I never even that tickets were offered to the waitlist members! :eek: Boy I missed out. But having said that, I'm glad to be here, and looking forward to reading the forums.
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    You left beautiful sunny CA to come back to Mass? Good on you for being so persistent re tickets. I'm from a few towns over in Mass, lived in Medfield for a while. Now I live where it isn't quite so cold, but I miss the summers.
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    About the tickets...when I signed up I checked with the office a year or two later and they said at the time it was about a 12 year wait. That's obviously pending the turnover rate. I check in with the ticket office every few years. So far they are right on track. We'll see. Since they won the Super Bowls, the LIST has grown tremendously. I haven't a clue when those people will see the tickets. I also timed the waitlist right as now I'm settled in my career, bought a house, and can afford this luxury. Only a few more years to wait....

    About the sunny California. Well I grew up in CT. I left to NY for college. KS for Vet School. CA for a woman. Now I've finally come back home. Weather was nice, but it rarely changed, which made it kind of boring. Plus, it's hard to be a Pats fan in CA, especially around Oakland (he he). DirecTV Sunday Ticket $$ was brutal. I love having the Pats on every weekend now, without paying out the nose. On a high note I did get to see the Pats play in Candlestick, 50 yd line, Pats Bench, and walk on the field after the game. Mind you it was my first Pats game ever and was so looking to see Brady - yeah, that was year he blew his knee. Great game, but not what I was looking to see.

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