Hello? Are some of you guys AWAKE now?

Discussion in 'PatsFans.com - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOT64, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. PATRIOT64

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    I am surprised by some of the so-called 'Patriot Experts' on here who thought or even hoped there was a chance of signing Moss or a big name player to this roster by the deadline - WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!​
    Whats it gonna take for some of you to understand and realize the only way we sign Big NAME players is in the offseason and even then its rare in the Belichick era,Lets face it,If you want big name players to sign in October you need 2 things to happen 1)Belichick retires & 2)Kraft sells the team​
    The way its gonna be in New England until then is this - We sign GOOD PRODUCTIVE PLAYERS,RARILY BIG TIME HIGH MONEY PLAYERS.​
    BB and the FO goes with the formula which took them to the dance before and that means getting good value on a player,not overpaying him or signing him just because he would make us look better with a big name out there - Get used to the world not knowing most of the patriots players names unless they belong to Patriots Nation - I kinda like that 'secretive success we have had in the past 5 years' and NEVER this week did I think a Moss was going to 'Gather' up here.....Bottom Line:We DO NOT change the formula of players we have once we get into the season,and even more so if you expect a big name,ain't happenin the next few years unless you see him on the roster by Training Camp - thats the Belichick way and until we see something going bad for awhile,why stop it now?​
    My advice is get out of daydreaming la-la land ,If you want big name players and want to pay steep money and be backed up in FA hell for the next 10 years then try and become a fan of Dallas or Washington-they love to overpay​
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  2. Alk

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    again with this backslapping bull****...:rolleyes:
  3. TomBradyWoot

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    We weren't looking for the Patriots to sign Moss, we were looking for them to trade for him. Plus theres nothing wrong with talking about your team potentially getting a top reciever.
  4. Alk

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    Yes, unfortunately there is. You are only allowed to talk about three topics on this board and if you choose to post something out of those topics, you will be flamed to no end. Just to clarify, keep within these following topics and you will be just fine.

    1. (Insert CURRENT Patriots player) is the greatest to ever play at his position and is a first ballot HOFer.

    2. These power ranking are a joke!!

    3. When someone starts a speculative thread, you can flame them and then when whatever the speculation is is proven wrong, it is acceptable to start your own thread slapping yourself on the back and acting like a mental midget.

    Hope this helps.
  5. PATRIOT64

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    My point is not to pat myself on the back but to say that if you think we were going to sign a multi million dollar high profile player in the MIDDLE of the season,let alone in training camp you must be putting teeth under your pillow waiting for the tooth fairy to put money underneath for you or putting chocolate chip cookies and milk near the Christmas tree waiting for Santa to arrive - You have a better chance of those scenerios happening -A Simple equation for those who understand the Pats way...... NO name profile players with talent+Value at their position=A Patriots type player
  6. captain stone

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    I agree.

    Now, I did not expect, nor did I desire, a Randy Moss/Jerry Porter trade. The time for that sort of transaction, if ever, is during the offseason. Otherwise, this place would have been a football version of a traveling circus. Shelley Smith, or some other know-nothing, jock-sniffing bimbo "journalist", would have pitched a tent under the lighthouse for the duration. The FO has made its bed, and will now lie, or die, with Troy, Caldwell, Gabriel and Jackson, +/- Gaffney. Bringing in someone who would command attention, and the ball, might have disrupted, if not destroyed, the trust-building between TB and his other WRs. Not to mention the salary structure.

    That being said, there is nothing, at all, wrong with wanting to see your team try to improve itself during the season. I myself wanted a trade for a starting-caliber (or at least starting-capable) LB and/or DB. No ST-Only Need Apply. Alas, it is not to be. The FO has made its bed here, as well. Will the Goldilocks of the Playoffs find these beds too hard, too soft, or just right? That's why they play the games.

    In the meantime, while these unusual personnel experiments are conducted to their unknown conclusions, could those amoung you who are self-described residents of Homerville, please refrain from displaying such condescending disdain at those of us who choose not to wear a lemming costume for Halloween, at least until the Patriots win SBXLI?
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  7. PATRIOT64

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    Agreed that the FO will have made or broken the season by not looking elsewhere outside of the team which of course is the norm here - If I could have taken 1 player in the NFL on our team and to give another team one of our first round draft choices plus a 2nd or 3rd next year it would have been for Brian Urlacher - That man is a beast and instantly makes a defense better-He looked unstoppable against Arizona and was a big factor in some of those game winning turnovers,More than once he has been a 1 man wrecking crew but when you put him teamed up with guys like Tommie Harris its even more dangerous,no wonder the Bears have a great D.
  8. captain stone

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    I recall a rumour - more likely wishful thinking - that Urlacher was on the trading block before this year's draft. I'd be shocked to learn that Chicago was even considering it. Can you imagine him as a college SS? I would have soiled myself if I were his target.

    Two players on the Bears' D who should be on the Patriots, however, are Nathan Vasher (4th round, #110 - 2004) and Mark Anderson (5th round, #159 - 2006). The Pats must invest, heavily, in the LB and DB positions, either via draft, FAs, trades, or a combination thereof.
  9. pats1

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    TRADE FOR, not SIGN - Get it RIGHT!!!

    Randy Moss is a member of the Oakland Raiders!!!
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  10. rookBoston

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    No need to be self-aggrandizing. You have no idea whether BB was interested in the (supposed) Moss trade or not, or the conditions tied to it.

    Any rumor or conjecture that the Pats were/would be interested in Moss came from media and fan speculation. Nothing new there; the FO never talks publicly.

    But you're wrong in your generalization that BB doesn't sign big name players, and would never do so. For the right player, under the right circumstances, I'm confident he would make the move. He's generally conservative in terms of cap allocation and use of draft picks, but he's used both in the past when he felt it was good value and advanced the team. Colvin's contact wasn't cheap. He spent quality picks acquiring players like Dillon, Washington, Gabriel, each of which decisively filled a short term roster gap.

    This situation this year is different from past years in the fact that

    - the roster is deep and young at almost every position (including WR, BTW)
    - the team has significant unused cap space, even after the Koppen deal
    - Oakland might reasonably be looking for an exist strategy with Moss/Porter... BB has always been willing to cash in on "a deal" when it makes sense
    - The Pats have a surplus of draft picks, either 12 or 13 picks are likely in 2007, including two firsts a second and (possibly) two 3rds
    - Moss is a unique (once every five years) type of a talent, a disgruntled player on a losing team, and fits the Pats most pressing need

    Not every day that all those factors align. Any one of them are valid reasons why BB would not pull the trigger on the deal. Those obstacles, anyway, are easier to overcome now than ever before.

    In the end, I still think most fans underestimate the potential of our WR corp. Jackson and Gabriel are fantastic prospects, and Troy is Troy. The fact that Bam hasn't been drafted into service proves that BB isn't anywhere near the bottom of the barrel in terms of options and solutions.

    Trading for Moss was never more than an 20-80 proposition. But the fact that is wasn't 0-100 was the basis for the chatter. And that's what this board is for... to speculate on the possibilities and implications.
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  11. patchick

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    No, that's perfectly true. Your point was to call people names, belittle them and tell them they have no right to their opinions. (If there was actually another point, you should know that it was completely lost amidst the points listed above.)

    Here's what I'd say to my kids in this situation: "I'm not going to respond if you speak to me that way. Go back and think about what you said. Was there a nicer way to say that? Why don't you try again?"
  12. BelichickFan

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    You should be whacked in the back for being a self righteous jerk. The fact that no trade was made does not mean there was no interest. In fact, according to almost every source, both local and national, there was interest. The cost to the Raiders and/or the player was evidently prohibitive though.
  13. minvardar

    minvardar Practice Squad Player

    Thank you. You said it better than I ever could.
  14. brdmaverick

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    ok Patriot64, now is the time to act all big, but you would have been excited too if the Pats signed Moss. Don't act like you are better than the rest of us.

    Sure, it didn't happen and it's time to move on. Our team is okay as is, but would have been better with the addition of a top wide receiver (which happens to be our weakest position).
  15. captain stone

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    Before everyone expends all their ire on P64, please save some for the "How Disappointed Will You Be If Moss/Pats Trade Doesn't Happen" thread, and the posts of some therein. Typical "The FO knows everything and those who dare criticize it know nothing" crap.
  16. PATRIOT64

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    No - I see on this board at times where if a guy posts that Brady needs to sit and let Cassel play (no matter how stupid that is)then all known long time members on here jump on him to no end-then those same long term post guys on here go and say we are going to get Moss when they know if they have been following the team for the past 6 years,other than Corey Dillon and maybe 1 or 2 others,we have taken no BIG name player here and I am surprised the long term post guys even think something like that was going to happen-thats as dumb as the Brady sit for Cassel statement IMO - As far as the comment made above about the media speculation that Moss was going to sign,Isn't that the same type of Media that we call stupid and insane when they put the team down? - Sounds a bit hypocritic to say the least ​
    Get it through the rocks in your heads-we don't sign players that want millions and millions of dollars and are VERY high profile (except Brady and Seymour who were both drafted within) - As I said before,BB sticks to his plan on building this team mainly through the draft and good overlooked low profile players who get cut by others and to which BB sees him as a team player and one to fit on this team - Sure BB & the FO want big name game changing players-we all do on here as well,All the teams do,But you can't get Caviar if you want to pay Tuna Fish price,If Moss was willing to work for half price of his current salary and If the Raiders were willing to get screwed twice in the same season by accepting a low draft pick in compensation,than Moss would have been signed but you know if you have a brain bigger than a poppy seed,that was not going to happen in Patriotville - Fantasy Island was a TV show-get real!​
    Players want BIG money if they think they deserve it and other than Bruschi and Brady and a few others out there in the NFL who deserve more pay, most won't settle for less than top dollar.​
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  17. Pats726

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    Or for that matter, AL Dvais might have been too sloe to decide...I think Banks has said that Davis is getting slower and slower with decisions these days. That in the off season they were looking for a coordiinator and Davis said he'd need a few days to decide and in the interim, he was hired by another team. This dealine might have been too quick for him. Just another fator. WHo knows if the Pats were interested..I think they may have been. Tiiming just wasn't there..which only means that it could be an offseason thing..but who knows..
  18. shmessy

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    #75 Jersey

    I agree with your points, dude, but could you express yourself without being so obnoxious?

    I'm guessing you're as popular in real life as Halitosis Hal.
  19. captain stone

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    "I know that the above paragraph will perhaps fly right over the heads of some who read it."

    Pot, meet kettle.
  20. Pats_AZ

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    Why not? We have a fair amount of cap room, we could use a plus WR, Moss was very public about wanting out of the raiders, We have extra picks, there was lots of speculation EVERYWHERE about the possibilites. why is it so crazy that some fans might get excited about the possiblities?

    Moss could have walked onto our team with little practice with our squad and still could have made a significant difference if not catching balls, opening up other receivers. Also, how do we, the general public know if the Pats didn't make an offer and the Radiers just refused? i Don't think it is crazy or out of line to had thought it could have happened. We had a lot of the right cards on the flop.


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