Great Comments by Mayo (and a little poke at Bru)

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by JSn, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. JSn

    JSn Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract - Blogs: Rap Sheet Blog Archive Linebacker Jerod Mayo says defense still has its swagger. Not irked by Coach Belichick’s Indy move.

  2. BionicPatriot

    BionicPatriot In the Starting Line-Up

    Hmmm..Never really heard a player predict this outloud
  3. letekro

    letekro In the Starting Line-Up

    Even if Bru is right, wouldn't that anger and feeling of disrepect FUEL the D's future efforts? These are c*cky guys, I would think any perceived slight would push them to greater heights, not cause them to go into a depressive funk.
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  4. SVN

    SVN Hall of Fame Poster

    heardherm edwards on espn yestrday. he says he was disappointed that the pats defensive players didnthave enough fire to go to BB on 4th down and have him punt the football and say , we will stop manning.
    bruschi will say the same thing ...
  5. CampPen33

    CampPen33 Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I don't think BB would ever put his players in the situation where there would even be the opportunity for blame to put on them like that.
  6. aluminum seats

    aluminum seats In the Starting Line-Up

    Comments like this are exactly how the loss could end up helping the Pats--it's going to make the potential leaders of the defense realize it's time to step up and become leaders. Distancing themselves, respectfully, from past players is part of that.
  7. mcgraw_wv

    mcgraw_wv In the Starting Line-Up

    It really comes down to this. BB had a chance to win the game while the Colts BEST player was on the sideline and the Pats BEST player on the field.

    Brady didn't execute like an all pro player, and the result happened.

    Punting would have swaped the advantage. Let's put the Colts Best player on the field, and take ours off...
  8. Funktopus

    Funktopus On the Game Day Roster

    lol. I thought the poke was when he called Bruschi a member of the "media".
  9. JSn

    JSn Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Yep, me too. "We'll show the Media" was directly aimed at Bru.

    Love Bru, but you gotta love the chutzpah Mayo is showing. He's going to have a BIG game Sunday.
  10. Sicilian

    Sicilian Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    This was the first thing I thought of when someone mentioned going for it as a sign of disrespect for the defense. By going for it, Bill is essentially saying, "I still feel like we can stop him from going 30 yards, even if Brady can't get it done."

    That's not disrespect, it's putting the ball in the hands of your best player. No one claims it to be a disrespectful to Scotty Pippen when Jordan take's the game's final shot.
  11. KontradictioN

    KontradictioN Do you even lift? Supporter

    No Jersey Selected

    From all the comments I've heard this week, it sounds like the team can't wait to get out there and prove themselves. That should be pretty bad news for the Jets.
  12. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

    I've thought about that angle too. For the folks who believe that after the failed 4th and 2 play, BB should have let the Colts score immediatley would have (in theory) shown LESS confidence in the D stopping Manning. On the the flip side, BB could have spun it to the team by saying, "I'm comfortable with the ball in Tom's hands with 1:30 to go in the game.". IMO BB did give the D an opportunity/show confidence to prevent Indy from scoring a TD.
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  13. olschool

    olschool Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Next, Tedy will be saying " They hate their coach ."
  14. Sicilian

    Sicilian Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Good point. I would be a little more frustrated as a D player if we were only winning by 2, because turning the ball over there means even if we're perfect on D, they still kick the winner. Being up by a touchdown in a game where we had what? SEVEN three and outs, as defense they should have felt like field position was less relevent.
  15. robertweathers

    robertweathers Pro Bowl Player

    Its certainly has been beaten to death but from a strategy-perspective it's good convo. Set aside all the sabermetrics, probabilities, etc. that have been published supporting the decision to go for it, the fact is Indy was rolling over the D with two long drives in the 4th qtr and giving the ball back to Indy was I'm sure not something BB was comfortable doing regardless if it's on the start of the Colts drive was on their 45 or the Pats 30. IMO, in BBs estimation, it wasn't going to make a hill of beans difference where the Colts started their drive from.

    Anyway, thats what I believe. Bring on the Jets!
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  16. Metaphors

    Metaphors In the Starting Line-Up

    He threw a 3 yard completion on 4th-and-2 with the game of the year on the line while facing an all-out blitz.
  17. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    Any wonder why Herm couldn't make it as a HC... That's the kind of crap an emotional, figurehead HC allows to happen all the time and why they end commenting on what transpires on Belichick's teams.

    Bruschi and company couldn't stop a Manning among others for most of the last 4 years.
  18. MoLewisrocks

    MoLewisrocks Supporter Supporter

    Don't waste your time. some of them simply have to settle on someONE to blame.
  19. brady et al fan

    brady et al fan Practice Squad Player

    exactly. I thought about that too. Generally when the mediots have gotten all pissy over the Patriots and BB they have taken the FU attitude and gone on to great things.

    I have not been able to keep Maz and Felger on for more than a few minutes this week as they have just been relishing their opportunity to bash BB to the point of absurdity.

    Listening to them you'd think the Patriots were in crisis mode and that they certainly must "hate their coach" because 2 Tedys and Rodney said they'd be angry.

    All this talk about hurt feelings is ridiculous and was dismissed by the current players Monday morning if the mediots cared to listen. Brady and Merriweather had no issue whatsoever with the call and were thinking Jets already by Monday morning.

    The media just exaggerates any Belicheck mistake because they don't like him (because they know he does not like them). I enjoy how much BB disdains them and considers them as irrelevant. He's so far above those chuckleheads.
  20. muzz

    muzz Supporter Supporter

    Herm Edwards huh........why didn't ya say so......:rolleyes:
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