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    Boy, we have gone toe-to-toe this past week huh? Most of it has been has been what we would expect - good-natured give and take. Some of it has been - well, a little beyond that. If I offended anyone, please accept my apologies in advance of the game.

    Our server is suppose to go down for maintenance sometime soon and suppose to be down until 2400 (4p EST) so I might not be able to get back before the game so I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you luck and a hope for no injuries.

    It has been stated on this board more than a few times what we are all seeing. The magnitude of this game itself tells us a story. It is so rare that two examples of ultimate excellence come along the same year and usually don't meet until February. I have stated on our board many times, I am not blind to what the Pats are doing this year. Even as a Colts fan you have to be impressed and, at times, awed. It is performance at the highest attainable level. It is true, what we have with the Colts and Patriots may be once in a fans lifetime. Despite our greatest desire, we all know it won't last forever but the memories of those years can.

    Good luck guys! You know this isn't our last meeting this year.
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    Hope to see you back for the game.
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    Right back at ya, CII. These two teams are greatness in the NFL this decade. They are each worthy Champions.
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