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    Passing attempts: 527
    Rushing attempts: 491

    The Patriots passed approximately 52% of the time.

    156 of Brady's completions went to WR.
    170 of Brady's completions went to TE/RB.

    That means 52% of Brady's completions went to TE/RB.

    Interesting facts:

    Kevin Faulk caught as many balls as Troy Brown (43).

    Troy Brown caught 4 TD (as opposed to last year when he caught 2). He also had three more catches this year than he had last year (quite amazing considering he played CB quite a bit this year).

    Troy Brown and Caldwell each are tied for 4 TD. Last year the leaders were Branch with 5 and Watson with 4.

    The Patriots got about equal production from their 2nd round pick and third round pick.
    David Thomas....11 catches....159 yards....1 TD
    Chad Jackson....13 catches....152 yards....3 TD

    Thomas had a big catch for a TD in a win late in the year on the road against the Jags, and Jackson had a big catch for a TD in a win early in the year against the Jets (we won 24-17).

    Maroney only had 24 less caries than Dillon. Dillon ran for 67 more yards than Maroney. Dillon got the most TD (13) to Maroney's 6. Maroney did catch a TD pass.

    Caldwell caught the most passes, caught for the most yards, is tied for the most TD, and is the longest deep threat (catching a 62 yard pass for Brady). What was his signing bonus again? :)

    Moving Vrabel inside did not destroy our pass-rush. OLB Colvin got 8.5, DE Ty Warren got 7.5, Jarvis Green got 7.5. OLB Tully Banta-Cain got 5.5. Seymour got 4.

    Maroney avg. 28 yards on KOs with 28 attempts, Bethel Johnson avg. 22.4 in 31 attempts in '05.

    Bruschi and Vrabel led the team in tackles.
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