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Evaluating The Offensive Line

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by mgteich, Jan 22, 2011.

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    From what I read on this board, the only offensive linemen worth keeping are Vollmer and Mankins, and Mankins and Mankins may go elsewhere. According to posters here, the OL is the reason our offense was such a failure in 2010.

    Obviously, Belichick wants some continuity for 2011, perhaps not if our OL is really such a glaring weakness.

    There are many sources that rate various players at various positions. Please post ratings of our OL and of our individual players. Personally, I don't think that we can properly evaluate whether there will be a draft upgrade with a particular player until we understand the value of what we have.

    Yes, and for the record, I agree that our OL was largely responsible for the play of our offense. Our offense was the best in the nfl. Our offensive line was also the best in the nfl (or damn close). For me, the issue is continuity. I have different questions than most. I don't want to blow up the line. I would be more than hpappy with re-signing or extending Light, Mankins, Koppen and Wendell, along with bringing in a stud RG and a developmental OT. For me, if we want to replace Koppen even in 2012, we will need THREE potential starters aon the OL. That's a lot to ask from this draft.

    1) How can we avoid a major downgrade at LT? Solution: re-sign Light and draft a youngster to replace LeVoir as our developmental OT and compete with Maneri for that role.
    The alternative is Kaczur as a starter at OT.

    2) How can we avoid a major downgrade if Mankins goes? Solution: re-sign him! All other solutions mean major downgrades at LG.

    3) How can we solidify the center position going forward? Koppen is at least a backup for 2010. This is dante's call. I could see him extending Koppen and/or I could see him drafting Weisnewski.

    4) How can we upgrade the RG position over Connolly, who is a fine backup at both LG and RG.
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