ESPN's Horton on Pats running game and Wilfork

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by slash83, Dec 28, 2007.

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    just showin some love...

    The New England running game and the Wilfork factor
    Like everything else the New England Patriots do their run game and defensive line are very solid fundamentally. The Patriots have been passing the ball all over the field this season but they know the running game has to be good in January, and they have really been sharpening that facet of their offense in recent weeks. The blocking is outstanding along the line and FB Heath Evans is an underrated lead blocker. This offensive line as a whole has great balance, is rarely on the ground and is a group of good finishers. And while they are not road graders they are very effective when they wall off and screen defenders, and even the receivers are getting into the act and helping out RB Laurence Maroney. When you see guys like Randy Moss and Wes Welker blocking downfield you know this run game has a chance to succeed.

    And as far as the defensive line is concerned, NT Vince Wilfork is dominating the interior with his size, power and underrated quickness. Wilfork eats up two or three blockers on every play, allowing the Pats' aging linebackers to remain free to come on the blitz or simply step up and fill a hole. And when Wilfork decides he wants to penetrate he can collapse the pocket quickly with his upfield push.

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    Slash you sure that was ESPN???Sounds like thoughtful analysis.....dont see much of that from them....
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    The running game is showing some signs of life after having lost Sammy. It's good to give defenses one more problem to solve. Seeing Moss block is proof that they have sold the team concept even to primadona receivers.

    I'm glad Heath Evans and Vince are getting some props. Really, you could focus on any of these guys and find reaasons to give them props. They are a solid team from top to bottom. There are no glaring weaknesses.
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    I still remember those draft a rookie last draft to replace evans threads here.He has developed into a spl team standout i love the hulk hogan tackle on ginn in open field and is a good blocking , blitz pickup FB.
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