Draft coverage and the media, how'd they do?

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    I surfed all day yesterday and today between ESPN and NFL Network plus different audio (radio and net). I'm sure most did the same thing. I was disappointed in the NFL network to be honest, they didn't seem to have any more incite or insider info then ESPN. I couldn't believe they didn't do like ESPN and have a window on the edges of the screen detailing picks, time left, etc. I expected more from them. ESPN was decent but they talked too much during player announcements and focused too much on the top guys IMO. Everyone knew who Reggie Bush and LenDale White were with the amount of $ these guys get paid having more info on later picks should be given. Even if it's reading the Scouts Inc. bios and projections. They barely cover the players in Day 2, going over the same crap they did yesterday then just reading the last 5 picks that they missed yapping. As for audio I went back and forth from WEEI and Pats.com. This was useless. While today they had the Sox on WEEI yesterday did a decent job after 2pm with Jon Wallace having guys like Perillo, Curran, and Greenberg (who seems Borges like in his bitterness). Today stunk, they had the baseball show all morning, the game, then Dickerson and Johnson barely mentioning the draft in order to ***** about an April Red Sox loss. No big surprise there though. As for Pats.com all I can say is what a waste of space in Gillete. Perillo IMO is the only one worth having on. The rest sound like amatuers when they are actual employees of the Pats. As with the NFL Network I expected more from these guys but all they did was rip, misunderstand, and talk over each other. Cracks me up when they rag on WEEI then do the exact same crap that they just complained about. All in all I think the electronic media dropped the ball (no pun intended, well maybe it was). I got more out of our messageboard and from websites then from these high-priced "talent". The messageboard not only covered the Pats but did a good job of commenting on other teams that effected the Pats. My hope is that NFL Network puts on a better production next year.
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    I thought the NFL network did a good job. ESPN was horrid as usual considering know-nothings such as Michael Irvin are commenting on the future of some of these guys. I will admit I chuckled when Irvin made a comment of how important 'character' is in the NFL.
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    For the first time i thought nfl network did a good job.
    Espn doesn`t do a good job on players selected in the 2ed
    day of draft
  4. Day 2 was used as a recap for day 1 ...highly annoying...The draft was background music...could have used day 2 for some deep insight...did not happen...plus we get a recap of the seven stories from day 1..liberian sob story....vick puff piece...etc etc...

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