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    This is a name that many of you may not have heard of but I am just throwing it out there because he plays for a rival college that I went to.....He plays for Lindenwood University and is someone to keep an eye on as I believe he can be a special player in a couple of years when he comes out of college.....He could be a 5th, 6th or 7th round pick that could give us that scat back with legit 4.3 speed that we have been looking for......Also I am throwing this out there now because LU is in the NAIA Championship game against University of Sioux falls on December 19th on CBSC......CBS College sports I believe it is at 7pm.......USF has an O-Lineman that is a special player that is a senior and someone to watch as a late round pick.....he has dominated his whole career and is could have played D-1 I believe, his name is TJ Wendt......I don't know his # but you could probably look it up on USF's is an article on O'Bryant Lindenwood University Athletics - Denodus O'Bryant Bursts onto the Scene in 2009

    I went to a smaller school and played against Derrick ward, Patrick Crayton, Lin Scott (played SP Teams for the cowboys a couple years back), De De Dorsey (UFL championship MVP) so I just thought I would throw out some of these smaller school players that I know about......

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