Current Bengals players jump on the Ocho bashfest

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Sep 16, 2011.

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    Sure there was T.O. there last year as well,but the timing of these revelations makes me think it's solely directed at #85

    You know I am not crazy about Ocho one bit,but you really got to feel sorry for the thumping going on in early September on him.
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  2. Jared

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    Link says article is no longer available.
  3. supafly

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    We can all assume that 85 will have an increased role this week.

    I am expecting either a TD catch (at least a target), or a mid-high level shot downfield.

    On top of that, I do think that he'll be looked at several more times, and be in on some more reps.
  4. Haley

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    Looks like that article was pulled off the site.

    Anyway, regardless of what it said I am sure Chad can handle it. There is no one more used to having personal things discussed in public than good old 85.
  5. bresna

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    It does imply that Ocho and/or TO had problems with the playbook. The telling quote from Benson, "You had some challenges out on the edges you had to deal with. You don't have those anymore. Guys line up and generally know what they need to do and what the task is on each play." He seems to imply that the guys on the "edges" (WRs?) didn't know what they were supposed to do.
  6. Sicilian

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    That could mean TE's and T's too. All depends on which "edge" he's referring to.
  7. Timbo717

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    Without reading the article I can only surmise (word usage?) that the problems he had were two different issues.

    The Patriots playbooks are apparently complicated. The Bengals playbooks (before) apparently sucked. I imagine Jay Gruden will help to make it better. Maybe.
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  8. did we give up anything for this guy?

    Remember that guy who said he was a "no go" and we shouldn't get him? How he was called a stinker and a bum? Yeah, that was me.

    Still hope I'm wrong.
  9. NEP4Life

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    I expect Ocho to eventually "get it".

    However, I believe he is effectively the highest paid Pats' receiver, which comes as a complete shock. I doubt he will ever contribute to this offense like Branch, never mind Welker.
  10. Observer

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    Heads I win tails you lose? Seems to be all the rage these days...
  11. everlong

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    If Chad has a couple of catches especially one that's for a TD it's going to be because he earned it not because they're forcing it to him. SD is not a team where you can afford such a luxury. If they got a big lead perhaps but they're not going to put the needs of the team behind the needs of Chad. If they see something in the Chargers defense that presents a mismatch and that equals running a play for Chad that's a completely different story and no different than any other game plan or what we saw with the TEs vs Miami last week.
  12. tobias funke

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    If Benson is upset with TO/Chad, it's because every time he kicked a run outside, they were whiffing on a run block (or not even trying).

    That **** doesn't fly here, as Chad learned in Tampa.
  13. NYCPatsFan

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    Great slide-show on Rivers!! :)

    I hate his yapping but admire his grit.
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  14. Ochmed Jones

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    And it should not have been allowed to fly in Cincy either. That is why they are a terrible organization and Plamer never became the elite QB he could have been.

    Oddly the same thing is happening in Dallas and it is only a matter of time before that locker room gets fractured from it as well.
  15. LetsGoPats36

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    Let's see what they're saying by the end of the season...

    I have doubts they'll win 4 games the rest of the year.
  16. BlitzFritz

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    Oh GOD.

    Apparently, our WR scheme is just TOO F$%KING HARD to master for certain individuals. You have to line up, read the defensive keys, look at Tom, make the right decision.....

    Chad Ochocinco = Chad Jackson ?????

    Apparently University of Rand could figure it out. Come on Ocho. Sheesh.

  17. ALP

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    if this continues Ocho may blow...i just hope is through production on the field
  18. PatriotFan77

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    I don't know why but I get the feeling the Pats are sandbagging and just waiting to unleash Chad at some point, like mid season. Like keeping fresh horses in the stable. I could be totally wrong, just have the feeling.
  19. NEP4Life

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    Who knows.

    Regardless, I wish the guy the best of luck, and I hope he becomes a valued contributor. :)
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  20. Chowd

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    Im gonna go out on a limb and guess you wernt the only one around here who felt that way.

    that said, i hope you are wrong too. Though im not feeling so confident about it tbh.
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