Colts are a good defense

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by AndyJohnson, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. AndyJohnson

    AndyJohnson Veteran Supporter

    They are #1 in yards per play, yards per pass attempt and yards per reception (8.1 which is excellent).
    The are near the top in both total yards and ppg.

    It has been brought up here that they have faced some very poor offenses to build those stats, and I think that is valid. But, the impact of the offenses they face doesnt turn a bad defense into #s like that.

    No doubt the Colt D is helped by the O holding on to the ball, and by playing from ahead also.

    There are some #s though that it appears a good offense can take advantage of that the bad ones have not.
    The Colts allow 65.7% of pass completed.
    They allow 4.1 yards per rush.
    They are allowing 46% 3rd down conversions.

    It appears that offenses that are allowed to stick to their gameplan, and have playmakers that get open and run after the catch would have much more success against this D.

    I expect us to tear apart the Colt D, but we should all understand, it will be earned. This is a good defense and if we rip it to shreds like everyone else we have faced, it is more a comment on how incredible our offense is than a comment on deficiencies in the Colt D.

    In the back of my mind, I also think this could be a game that has long reaching issues for the Colt D. As I said, I think we tear them up, but I also think future opponents are going to look at the weaknesses we will expose. That is very common in this league for teams mimicking what the Pats do against certain teams.
  2. Brady to Brown

    Brady to Brown 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    If the Pats beat up the Colts on Sunday I expect the Chargers to do the same next week.
  3. cstjohn17

    cstjohn17 Supporter Supporter

    #54 Jersey

    I think the Colts are the best defense and the best offense the Patriots have faced all year (and there for the best team). I expect the Patriots to win a very close game but won't be shocked if Indy holds`serve at home.
  4. hambone1818

    hambone1818 Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    Going into the Pats game last week, Washington had the 5th best defense in the NFL despite facing offenses that are ranked 15th (Phi), 9th (GB), 12th (Ari), 7th (NYG), and 11th (Det) in the NFL in PPG. So there's every reason in the world to believe that Washington has, statistically based, a damn good defense.

    Going into the Pats game this week, Indy ranks 4th in YPGA, 1st in PYPG, and 2nd in PPG. However, the offenses they've faced have the following rankings: NO (18th), Tenn (14th), Hou (10th), Den (27th), TB (23rd), Jax (t-19th) and Car (21st)...just one team that even SCRATCHES the top 10 in PPG.

    Granted, there's a lot more that goes into the determining the relative abilities of defenses, but this quick and dirty analysis--along with the one posted above about all the major injuries that the Colts defense has benefited from--leads me to believe that this could be the first true test for what could be a very average Colts defense.
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  5. Fogbuster

    Fogbuster Pro Bowl Player

    They DO have a good D, a VERY GOOD D. But I think we can crack it. Maybe even get them on the run. Possibly fool them. Perhaps Moss as running back, Vrabel full-time TE, Seau full-time FB. I was reading that Koppen played a lot of ILB in high school and college. Also -- mum's the word on this, now -- Brady was a wide-out on his Michigan practice team.

    Maybe we can change up on them enough we might be able to score a couple of TDs. Maybe. Let's hope!!

  6. patriot lifer

    patriot lifer In the Starting Line-Up

    #87 Jersey

    Dallas' young and talented front seven blitzed and blitzed but couldn't derail the offense. The Stout Washington defensive backs attempted the opposite and crowded the secondary but still got killed. Even if the Colts have decent coverage, they will get picked apart. Freeney and company have to have a big game and get pressure, otherwise they go the way of the rest.
  7. Deus Irae

    Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter

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    The ridiculously overrated Colts defense is going to get its ass handed to it in about a day. Break down that group and compare it to Washington. Washington's linebackers are better, Washington's secondary is better, and one could argue a split on the DL (Washington better vs. the run, Colts better vs. the pass).
  8. Oswlek

    Oswlek Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Correct, but there is no comparison between the two offenses. This is particularly so when you consider that TB had just lost their top RB and their LT the week before - and then lost their # 2 RB early on.

    I am certain that NE will put at least 30 points up on the board this week.
  9. frankiesfly

    frankiesfly Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    For my 1000th post I just want to say the COLTS SUCK!
  10. stinkypete

    stinkypete In the Starting Line-Up

    #24 Jersey

    IMO, if you think the Colts defense sucks, you haven't been paying attention. They are a top 10 defense.
  11. ljuneau

    ljuneau Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    As of today, the Colts are #4 in Total Defense, #1 in passing and #13 in rushing. The Pats are #3 in Total Defense, #5 in passing and #5 in rushing. Based on these simple statistics, the Patriots have a better defense.

    After tomorrow's game, look for the Colts defense to drop to at least #8 or #9 in Total Defense. It has happened to every other team that has played us, they drop down a significant number in Total Defense positioning.
  12. solman

    solman Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    All this means is that the Colts take away the deep pass and make it easy to complete short ones.

    They haven't exactly been great against the run either.

    Brady, Moss and Stallworth have been so amazing, that its not clear that Indy can take away the deep pass from New England. If they do, they'll need all of Bob Sanders to do it, leaving them even more vulnerable to short gains by Welker, Maroney and Faulk.

    They can pick their poison. Whether with long gains or short ones, the Patriots will be able to move the ball down the field and improve their league leading 26.6 first downs per game.

    Going into this game, teams have been converting 46% of third down attempts against Indy, tied for fourth worst in the league (NE leads the league with 29%). Look for Indy to jump past Miami into sole possession of this most unfortunate statistic before the game is over.
  13. Pats Fan in Indy

    Pats Fan in Indy Practice Squad Player

    Colts are indeed a good defense. Second or third best we've seen this year.
  14. RayClay

    RayClay Hall of Fame Poster

    #75 Jersey

    The Colts let you run and complete short because they figure to outscore you.

    (We've been doing a little of that too).

    They are fast and go for the sack and the turnover. They also might make a stand against the run occasionally.

    As long as they score, it works. If it breaks down, it's embarrassing, as in last years Denver game, but they don't care about your rushing or completion average, as long as they win.

    This is a very smart organization that has stuck with their formula a long time and we're foolish to underestimate them.

    That being said, we've got the weapons to turn their scheme inside out because we can score with them no matter how they play us.
  15. ALP

    ALP Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    one word to completely and accurately describe the colts D???

    OVERRATED, and we will see that later today ;)
  16. slash83

    slash83 In the Starting Line-Up

    #12 Jersey

    I agree colts d sucks will expose it big time trust me.
  17. Deus Irae

    Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter

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    Hey, I'm not saying it sucks, it's just being overrated by people who are pimping it as being on the same level as, or better than, the Patriots' defense.
  18. roguepatriot

    roguepatriot Practice Squad Player

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    Personally I think the media fest underrates both defenses, but we will see. Personnel wise, the Dolts may be as good a defense as we see all year; however their problem is they inflexibility (from coaching/abilities?) and the patsie offense has all the tools to dominate the Cover-2 package. On the other side, I look for Hobbs to step up (with safety help) and show us the source of his ****iness. Either way, this Game will at least be the real thing, compared to at least 10 other snorefests this season.
  19. mossdeep

    mossdeep On the Roster

    Pats create too many mismatch for secondaries to handle and brady always finds the the open guy. Dallas and the redskins were the 7th and 4th ranked defenses and the pats posted 48 and 52 on them respectively. Regardless of what defenses have done in their previous weeks they can't stop everything the Pats can do.

    Another thing to note: Remember how good brady is in domes? His new receivers were made to play in a dome. They posted 45 offensive points last week on a windy New England October day. The Colts will be helpless trying to stop this attack.
  20. kurtinelson

    kurtinelson In the Starting Line-Up

    #37 Jersey

    The good news is that today we will find out for real how good Indy's defense is. No more conjecturing necessary.
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