can I get some feedback on my fantasy team?

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  1. Hey, just for fun, anyone mind giving me some feedback on my fantasy squad that I just drafted tonight? I picked 7 out of 12

    QB: Kurt Warner
    RB1: Stephen Jackson
    RB2: Willie Parker
    WR1: Roy Williams
    WR2: TJ Houzmandzadeh
    WR3: Eddie Kennison
    TE: Dallas Clark
    K: Jeff Reed
    DEF: Jacksonville

    RB3: Reggie Bush
    RB4: J. Addai
    RB5: Mike Andersen
    WR4: David Givens
    WR5: Michael Clayton
    QB2: Philip Rivers

    What do you think?
  2. BradfordPatsFan

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    Your qb's are risky at best. No one knows how Rivers is going to do nor how long Warner is the starter. If the Cardinals begin to free fall, Leinart will get some time. Combine that with the unknown of Rivers and you are asking for trouble there.

    Roy Williams should have a great year with Martz as his OC. However the rest of your wr's are not that deep. Kennison is a great late pick. I had him tabbed in the mid-late rounds and missed out on him by one pick. Michael Clayton should be better this year but who knows. Givens has no one of consequence throwing him the ball. He will get you some td's but not many yards.

    Your RB's, where the majority of your points are scored, are solid. Jackson and Parker are two game breaking threats. Anderson will get some touches near the goal line. I don't usually like to have more than one rookie on my team but when one of them is Bush, I think you will be ok with two.

    You will need a back up TE, defense, and kicker, do not be afraid to dump a rb and/or wr for those. The right TE can give you mid-round wr numbers.

    If I were you, I'd look at Anderson as a possible cut to make room for a back up at another position. If you can't play more than two rb's at a time, and the bye weeks work out, there really is no point in having five with two of them as possible back ups.

    When you make cuts and replacements, keep the bye weeks in mind. Don't go get a TE with the same bye week as the one you already have. Don't cut a RB if it only leaves you with one available rb because of byes. Bye weeks are something that a lot of would-be successful fantasy players forget about when making adjustments.
  3. patsox23

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    pretty solid team, but I'd try to land another QB if possible. Bush-Jackson is a good combo - I have that same tandem in my FFL.
  4. Keegs

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    i think it's a weak team. I'm not trying to be a dick but that's my honest opinion.

    I think all the positions have a weakness.... I don't like the receivers at all, and i can't figure out who you took in the 2nd round?????????????????????/

    could you fill us in on who you got in which round.
  5. SoCal Bong

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    I totally agree with Keegs. I assume that Jackson was your first round pick but in the second round you should have been able get a decent RB (R. Brown, E James, C Williams) QB (Manning) or WR (T.O., S Smith, C Johnson).

    Whoever you took in the 2nd round (Bush?) was a definite miss.

    You don't have a top 5 player at a single position.

    Of course with all that said, you'll probably kick ***** and win your league.
  6. Chevy

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    E. Manning (NYG - QB)
    B. Leftwich (Jac - QB)
    K. Warner (Ari - QB)

    J. Galloway (TB - WR)
    Ro. Smith (Den - WR)
    K. Johnson (Car - WR)
    J. Horn (NO - WR)

    T. Barber (NYG - RB)
    S. Jackson (StL - RB)
    T. Jones (Chi - RB)
    F. Gore (SF - RB)

    A. Gates (SD - TE)

    A. Vinatieri (Ind - K)

    Baltimore (Bal - DEF)
    Minnesota (Min - DEF)

    (the results of me missing my draft due to work .... but not bad overall)
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  7. Thanks for the honest feedback!

    Actually, running backs went quickly in our draft, as the only RBs of note that were left by my Rd 2 pick were:

    Wille Parker (got him in 2nd)
    Chester Taylor (unknown)
    Reuben Droughens (potentially going to Jail, plus a horrible OL)
    Thomas Jones (RB by committee?)
    Jamal Lewis (risky based on last year's performance)
    DeShaun Foster (injury risk)
    Reggie Bush (got him in 3rd)
    Cedric Benson (see Thomas Jones)

    With that said, I felt it was more important to go the remaining strong RB vs. premier WRs. In order to get a premier WR like Marvin Harrison you have to give up a solid starting RB. I think the dropoff between starting RB and the next tier is far greater than the dropoff between premier WR and the next tier. I think that my WRs are unspectacular, yes, but productive. As far as QB, I agree that this is my weakest position, as Kurt Warner is an injury waiting to happen...However, similar to my position on WR, I felt that taking someone like Brady or Manning would have cost me an elite RB, and the dropoff between a Jake Plummer (who went in 4th) and Kurt Warner (who I selected in the 10th) is minimal.

    But in any case, thanks for the feedback!!

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