Broncos: Easiest path to the #1 seed ever?

Discussion in 'NFL Football Forum' started by PATRIOTSFANINPA, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Don't get me wrong,its hard to win 2 games in a row in the NFL,let alone 11 games in a row but when you sit and look at the schedule Manning has had,its easy to see that the #1 seed was very obtainable once he settled in as their QB.

    The 11 game winning streak consisted of opposing teams that had a combined 68-108 in wins vs. losses which includes division opponents twice and in a division is which the other 3 teams had a record of 13-35.

    How lucky has Manning been who almost always throughout his career got chump teams in the division he plays in?

    The 2012 Denver Broncos team has not had a visitor in Mile High who has had a winning record and their only loss at home was to a team that is in the playoffs and has a good record and all their losses includes teams in the playoffs.

    The only 2 wins against playoff teams (Cincy & Balt) were on the road

    Folks....The bottom line is Denver has beaten the Sisters Of The Poor all season and lost to most of the teams in the playoff picture.

    Denver to me is the weakest #1 seed in the NFL in over a decade and is a pretender at 13-3

    The first team to enter Mile High might very well walk out the winner
    of that game.

    At 13-3,I still think Denver is B.S. and like that kicker Vanderjagt once said,that team is "ripe for the picking"...he was wrong then but I think the 2012 Broncos are the lightest challenged 13-3 team ever.
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  2. Brady2Moss

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    Can't wait to end another Manning season, they are frauds we were WHOPPING them 31-10 before Belichick whipped out the prevent.. our defense is so much better now it isnt even funny and the offense is going to be better. Remember Gronk was hobbling around that game and there was no Hernandez

    Prepare to open up a can on MVPeyton and the Donkeys :rocker:
  3. neuronet

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    Manning is playing very well. I think you are deluded to think they aren't very good. I wish you were right, though.
  4. Sciz

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    I agree with the premise, but it's hard to say what that means moving forward. I believe the 2010 Pats set a record for most playoff teams beaten in the regular season, and we all know how that turned out.


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    Manning is playing well,especially at his age,but his defense has crapped the bed against top QBs like Matt Ryan,Tom Brady and Matt Schaub who is real good at times and bad the next.

    The only time his defense has impressed against a quality QB was Brees in week 2 but back then the Saints started off slow and Brees was very rusty.

    The Broncos defense when tested against a good QB and WR corps has failed just about every time in 2012
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    This is the exact same type of argument people were making against the Pats last year.
  7. Elijah

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    Patriots were killing great teams in the 2010 regular season and choked hard at home against the Jets.

    Patriots only beat up on bad teams last year and almost won the Super Bowl.
  8. I.M. Fletcher

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    The beauty of your statement is that its based on what has happened, but will be proven true or false in not too long.

    Personally, I dont think you can blame a team for playing a weak schedule, nor for struggling early.

    They are the number 1 seed, they won the games and everybody else lost at least one more than they should have, but it doesnt really matter. They will have to beat us and either the Colts or Ravens, which are the two teams in the AFC I would choose to miss in round 2.
  9. supafly

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    I can't see how anyone could possibly add much of anything else after this post. It pretty much sums it up nicely.

    I certainly "get" what the OP is stating, and he does have a point, but as you said that really doesn't mean much moving forward. If anything it could amount to part of the "luck equation" that most SB winning teams find down the stretch of the season.

    One thing I do know...Manning is a very experienced and solid QB who is playing at an extremely high level right now, with a very nice supporting cast to boot. We've seen much lesser talent march right down the field all over this defense. Thomas is a nightmare on the outside, and Decker (and even Stokely) + Tamme are well rehersed in the offense that Manning runs.

    They have a viable enough running game to help keep the balance, a very decent defense at times, and most incredible homefield advantage.

    They may not have faced elite competition all year long, but they certainly have the capacity to win the AFC title and beat us.


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    I'll bet if you check the total records of the Pats 2010 opponents,its way better than Denver has gone through.

    The 2012 Denver Broncos remind me of the 2009 Patriots more than any other team,remember that year we could not beat a team in the regular season with a winning record and only got into the postseason by beating the weak teams but got spanked once the team played its first playoff game.
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    Just out of curiosity, you'll be rooting for the Houston Texans next weekend then, I presume?

    You'd rather face the Texans than the winner of BAL/IND?

    I am just curious. I don't exactly have much of an opinion yet. I do think that we'll see a different HOU team the second time around though, so that would be my concern.

    They certainly have enough talent in Foster/A.Johnson/Daniels to give this team a hell of a game in a rematch.


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    My point of all this is that the Broncos have not been battle tested with a quality opponent and a good QB in over a month......they will have to be ready to face the next team which is not picking in the top 20 of the draft.

    Brady Quinn,Brandon Weeden vs. Manning the past 2 weeks was as easy as a finish as it gets.
  13. PatsFaninAZ

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    Teams I don't like to see in the playoffs:

    1) Team with a good enough defense, even when tired, to be able to stop a Tom Brady led offense from pickng up a first down late in the fourth quarter up by less than 7.

    2) Team with a QB who doesn't worry about pressure and is tough to stop on defense late in the game, when given 4 downs to work with and his back against the wall.

    That has been the formula for some pretty rough losses. How do the Broncos measure up under these standards? Check and check. Better than any other team in the tournament, whatever generalities one might have about strength of schedule.

    More often than not, the Patriots seem vulnerable in those late, one possession games against teams like the Broncos. When they win those games, it is usually by getting a good lead and then minimizing mistakes. There is no team in the playoffs I would be "comfortable" facing down by 4 on D with 2:00 left. But there is no team I would be less comfortable playing in that situation than the Broncos. Especially on the road.

    I think Baltimore should be a 4 to 7 point underdog going into Denver, and that seems right to me. Colts or Cinci, a little higher.
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  14. patfanken

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    In 2003 the Pats beat 10 teams that won at least 10 games (playoffs and regular season). I think that is something that hasn't been accomplish since.
  15. I.M. Fletcher

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    in my opinion, Houston hasnt really been the same since they played us. With Schaub being shown to be second tier, I just dont have much concern of him outplaying Brady, since they will need him to compete with us.

    The Colts are an emotional train with talent at all the right positions, and Baltimore is always a tough game, no matter how they might be playing. Lewis Suggs and Reed will all be back by then, so you know they will show up.

    So yeh, Houston finishing 1-3 and losing their swagger is my choice of those three teams. With that said, with as physical as the Bengals play, that is no gimme game for Houston either.
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    Most mediots have already written off the Texans as a SB contender because of their slump,but I think a team that finds itself under the radar and slips quietly into the postseason with dramatically lowered expectations are the most dangerous team in the playoffs and the Texans are certainly in that category.

    As a Patriots fan,the team you want to face the least in the divisionals are the Texans...I assure you,especially with the beatdown a few weeks ago and them having something to prove.

    Anyone who remembers the games against the 2010 Jets will tell you a beatdown does NOT guarantee a win against the same team weeks later when there is no tomorrow.
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  17. patfanken

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    Who cares about who Denver played. They are good enough to beat the Pats if the Pats don't bring their A game. Plus playing the game IN Denver is NOT a plus. Besides IIRC, last season the Pats didn't exactly have to play the best in the league. I mean how many winning teams did they end up beating. Not many I wager.
  18. Awww sounds like someone needs her Vagisil because their media darling Pats are being overshadowed.


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    I knew the Bronco trolls would arrive to this thread soon :cool:


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    They had a 6 game stretch in which they went to a rowdy Jets stadium,A loud RFK Stadium and then the next week went out west to beat a Manning less Broncos team and won the 6 games (4 of them road games) in that stretch......even though there was no RG III or Manning in that stretch,it was still an impressive month and a half.
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